March 26, 2014

Coffee Talk: Friends That Turn Into Family

"maybe our girlfriends are our soul-mates and guys are just people to have fun with..."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I live and breathe for Sex and the City. Over the years, I have fallen in love with Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie and Miranda and enjoyed traveling with them and the beautiful places life took them (even though I must admit most of my travel was done some years after the show rapped; we didn't have HBO in my house growing up-the struggle). 

I remember how much I use to crave the deep levels of friendship that the 4 of them were able to create. A friendship that lasted through breakups and hook-ups (the good, the bad, and the Big), babies, struggles, divorce; those New Yorker's went through it all. But their love for each other never wavered. 

Now that I'm older, I can honestly say I have a bit of that "Sex and the City" friendship with my close circle of friends. We're all very different, but it works, and I've become a better version of myself by having them in my life. Because of this bond, I hate it when we fight or go without speaking. I'm sure you all can relate. Nothing sucks more than fighting with your best friend....but when you make up, it's like nothing ever happened. And that's the beauty of true friendship.

It is in this spirit that I pose today's coffee talk question; do you have those special friends that have slowly turned into family? When did you meet? What do you do when you fight? I wanna know! I think that too often we spend too much time tearing down other women but today I want to celebrate your Charlotte's and Samantha's. In fact, I think I can sum this up in one of my favorite Carrie quotes and it goes a little something like this:

"The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don't, but at the end of the day they're the people you always come home to. Sometimes it's the family you're born into...and sometimes, it's the one you create for yourself! 

Happy hump day ya'll! 


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Megan @ Lush to Blush said...

I love that quote!! I do have friends that have definitely become like family. My one best friend in the whole world is like a sister to me. We tell each other everything - lots of stuff we would never say out loud to anyone else! It really is something so special. I'm glad you have that too!!

xo Megan, Lush to Blush

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