March 11, 2014

My Pinterest Inspired "Big Girl Office"

Like many of you Gorgeous Chaos readers, I am in LOVE with Pinterest. I think the brand itself has taken over the minds and hearts of women everywhere and I can honestly say that it is the main source of what some would call "my distraction as a college student."

I personally like to view this time spent scrolling through pretty pictures as valuable, research even. I have collected recipes, pinned cute outfit inspirations, even planned some of my wedding. However today I would like to share with ya'll my dream "Big Girl Office" to commemorate my application submission to my first job!

Let me start off my emphasizing the word dream. I know that I am a long way from attaining the beauty you'll find below, but I am a very visual person and feel inspired from beautiful spaces that reflect who I am, so I find it motivational to visit this particular board. I love developing the concept and I hope that you'll enjoy it as well!

This first image reflects the color scheme that I want for my office. I love light/soft pinks and bright/bold gold colors as well. I think they look beautiful together!

I think every office needs an inspiration board and I love the look of this one!

My favorite flower is peonies and I love the idea of keeping a vase of them both by my desk and on an office coffee table. The first image is of baby pink peonies

desk top/coffee table decor. This gold turtle image can be found on one of my favorite blogs The Teacher Diva!  

I would love to have a comfy couch somewhere in my office for those moments when I need to take a break from the busy work day.

I think I mentioned in my bio that I love traveling. To commemorate those experiences I want to get a map of the world and put green push pins in all the places I've been, and red pins in all the places I want to go. I found this gold map completely on accident and it is PERFECT for my dream office space!

I am obsessed with Ashley Brooke and all of her amazing designs. This coffee mug is the perfect mix of cute and sassy! Go check her out!

a little inspiration never hurt anybody!

For the full Pinterest board visit my account here!


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