March 10, 2014

Spring Break

Spring break always come at the most perfect time. Just when I've had enough of school, deadlines, and sleepless nights spent worried about all the work that still needs to be done *BOOM* it pops up almost out of no where and rescues us all from mild insanity. Okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic, but regardless I can't wait to do nothing for a few days, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say a vacation is long overdue.

This year my girlfriends and I decided to break from our normal spring break home in Panama City Beach and are instead headed to Miami! I've never been as an of age person, so I am really anxious to see what the city has to offer me. I will admit my excitement for the trip has been overshadowed by school, work, and the fact that I haven't started packing....did I mention I leave in 6 days.

Because of my procrastination, this week will be a spring break overhaul! I need to do everything from getting my hair done, finding new outfits, new bikinis and so much more! To help myself narrow in on what needs to be done, I created a short Spring Break Wish List, and I would love to share it with all of you! Along with that list, I've included some tips to help you have your best spring break yet!

I would also love to hear about your spring break plans! Feel free to tweet them to me @mpaige_x or leave a comment below!


First things first, I think that it is crucial that you include a good, quality pair of sunglasses in your packing plans. I actually usually bring 2 or 3 different pairs to give myself a variety and to account for the fact that I might lose one by the time I get home.

Every girl has that one style of shades that frames her face just right and for me, that "style" is the aviator.  There are tons of articles online that explain how to find your perfect sunglass fit, but I recommend the no fail trial and error method :] 

These sunglasses are by Steve Madden, a brand that I have loved for years! While the link will send you to Nordstrom's webpage where I originally found this image, check places like Marshalls or TJ Maxx as well; you might find a great deal!

Bikini's are a must for a new vacation destination! I discovered this amazing suit that Devin Brugman  is wearing from A Bikini A Day's Instagram account. This "caged bikini" is perfect because it's trendy and faltering; plus I am a sucker for a classic white bikini. I am personally DYING to get my hands on it but I can't find the name of the original designer, however I am hopeful I can find it before I hit the beach on Saturday!

My personal tip for bikini shopping is to not stress yourself out or compare yourself to what you think other girl's are going to look like. I can honestly say that the first time I ever felt 100% confident and sexy in my bikini was last March; I was 20 years old. So I understand the pressure and unfortunate annoyance that comes along with this type of shopping. Building up that comfort took a long time but once I found it, my whole vacation experience was changed.

So be patient with yourself, I promise you're gorgeous ;]

The next item on my wish list is a good pair of high-waisted shorts! High-waist pants are very popular right now, however instead of opting for the traditional denim style, I fell in love with these worn, studded, black shorts I found on Be Stylish!!

Being a curvy woman, I LOVE high-waisted shorts! This is a trend that I think every girl can make her own! Whether its purchasing a pair or following a YouTube tutorial and making your own, there's something out there that can perfectly reflect your unique personality and body type!

Other Things To Consider
- a reasonably sized beach bag
- flip flops; my favorite place to get affordable one's that last is Old Navy
- pamper yourself before you go by getting a manicure or pedicure

Additional Tips
- Pack light. On past vacations I have severely over packed simply because I didn't pack smart for my location! Make sure the items that you bring are realistic and are things that you'll actually wear. There's nothing worse than packing a suitcase full of clothes that never see the sun!

- Eat out of your comfort zone. In case you didn't know by now, I love to eat and whenever I travel, I like to research popular places so that I can try something new! I try to avoid eating at traditional chains if I can help it only because I know I can get those things at home! Expand that palate this spring break!

- Wear your sunscreen. I like to refer to myself as the sunscreen police around this time of year because I advise all my friends to protect themselves when they're in the sun! I know it can be hard to remember it while you're out having fun, but its crucial that you protect your skin!

Above EVERYTHING else, I hope that ya'll have a safe and memorable Spring Break!! I will be blogging live from Miami while I'm gone so I can document my trip!

Have a great and productive Monday!!


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