April 3, 2014

Blogger Brain

Today marks one full month of blogging on Gorgeous Chaos! As many of you know, I started this blog because I was very unsure about my life and where it was going and I wanted to invest in something I could be consistent with.

Ever since the first day I have been so blessed by that choice to try something new! This journey has been amazing so far and I can't wait to watch this little labor of love grow as I share my life and my thoughts with all of you!

With that spirit, I wanted to share with you a few things that I've learned since I started Gorgeous Chaos.


1. I need to be myself as much as possible. Before launching my blog, I did a ton of research; exploring different blogs and really diving into their branding techniques and writing styles. To be honest it was very overwhelming. There are a lot of really talented people out there and I quickly realized that if I tried too hard to fit in I could easily get lost in the blogger world. So I just need to be....me. I'm not perfect and proper 100% of the time but that's okay. I know that my life and experiences are valid and I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not for the sake of viewers. 

2. Consistency is key. I know that with anything in life, if you want to be good at it consistency is everything. Therefore I know that my ability to follow through will make or break this blog. Because of this I've tried to blog every week day as much as possible. Of course, that isn't always going to happen because of scheduling, but even on the days I'm not physically writing a post, I am ALWAYS doing research or preparing content! As my readers I want ya'll to know that I am dedicated to this so even if you don't see me posting know that I am still working behind the scenes ;]

3. Your blogger brain never sleeps...so brand yourself. I am always thinking about Gorgeous Chaos and that's something that I wouldn't have expected to feel. In a way, it's a good thing because I am learning what it's like to brand myself and this "blogger brain" has lead to some great collaborations (stay tuned for more) that I can't wait to share with ya'll! Ultimately this has taught me to not be afraid to ask questions or inquire about partnerships ;]

4. My support system is beautiful! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful ya'll have been since I've started this blog! Hearing that you read every day, or even every couple of days is amazing to me! I never expected this much support and encouragement but I am extremely thankful!

Now that I've shared some of the things I've learned from Gorgeous Chaos, I'd love to hear from you! What's been your favorite GC post thus far? What would you like to see in the future? 

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