April 30, 2014

{The Frank Effect}

Before last night, I only liked my coffee hot, rich, and in a Starbucks cup. But after trying Frank, I can honestly say that I now enjoy it just as much dryer and all over my body. Now I know you're probably wondering "who the heck is Frank", so allow me to formally introduce the two of you.

Frank is an all-natural, coffee scrub for your body (yes, I actually scrubbed coffee on myself last night). He's essentially an exfoliator made of fresh coffee grinds and natural ingredients like sea salt, almond oil and a botanical extract called jojoba. Frank is specifically known for his ability to target specific skin conditions like eczema, cellulite and varicose veins. 

I will admit I was skeptical about this brand and its product, so I did tons of research before actually purchasing. What I found particularly interesting was the fact that applying caffeine to your skin in this way can help stimulate blood flow and increase circulation. The ground coffee beans also aid as an exfoliator. This new take on "getting dirty" had me intrigued and after reading all positive reviews, I decided to give Frank a whirl. Their unconventional yet absolutely brilliant marketing also solidified my interest in the brand. With a slogan like "get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean", you know this brand is down for a good time. Check out their INSTAGRAM page to see what I mean ;]

I opted for the Original Frank; there's also a coconut based scrub, and it arrived fairly quickly from its birthplace in Australia.

Despite his long journey, Frank arrived quickly and I was so eager to try it that I opted to take my shower earlier than usual. I will warn you, Frank is a messy man, but scrubbing the coffee all over my body was kinda fun so I embraced the mess. Instructions suggest that first timers let the scrub sit for 5-10 minutes, so my friends you might have to get creative with your shower time. And by creative I mean walking around your house covered in coffee while this sucker drys, for best results of course. So that's exactly what I did.

When it came time to rinse off I marveled in the smell of coffee and began to wash clean. The results; super soft skin. I'm talking like BUTTAHH. And just like that I was obsessed.

Of course I had to take an iconic Frank selfie. 

I encourage all of you to try Frank, he loves sleepovers! And since shipping is free to the America's, you don't have anything to lose, except for your dry skin ;] And just for the record, I plan on ordering the coconut scrub once I make a dent in this one { I want to dedicate myself to using Frank every other day for a month to see what kind of results I get}. 

If you want to know more about Frank and what he can do for you, check out the WEBSITE. You can also purchase HERE

If any of you have tried Frank feel free to leave your comments below! I would love to hear from you ;] 

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Cindy Quero said...

I love natural products. i'll have to give Frank a try <3

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