April 23, 2014

It Was All A Dream

My impromptu trip to the mall the other day proved to be successful after wandering over to the LUSH corner located in Macy's. If you aren't familiar with this brand, which has become a household name through it's fresh handmade cosmetics, you've got to stop by and check them out!

I always end up roaming around; picking up and trying out different products, which they strongly encourage. And while I typically leave with one of their bath bombs, during this particular visit I knew I was interested in tying something new.

Introducing DREAMWASH, described by the people at LUSH as a "shower smoothie" that calms and smoothes irritated skin. 

One of the first things that attracted me to this product in store was the smell. Made with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, rose, tea tree, calamine and chamomile, its perfect for both relaxation and reducing irritation from the eczema on my skin. 

The consistency of the smoothie is creamy, not as thick as I expected it to be, making it glide across the skin.

To try this product simply wet your skin and lather the smoothie on, then rinse off and pat dry. I will admit that I initially didn't feel a difference in my skin, but once the water fully evaporated it felt SO SOFT! And after trying the product I can honestly say that I am hooked. 

There is a part two to this smoothie, its called the DREAMCREAM. This hand and body lotion is LUSH's #1 selling product and after trying it I can completely understand why. 

The cream itself is made of oat milk, lavender, and chamomile; another perfect solution to relieving dry skin and eczema.

If you're intrigued by LUSH and its products, stop by a store and ask to try something! The baristas are always very helpful to perform tutorials or answer any questions that you may have about the brand and its products! 

Happy Tuesday!


Rebekka Geldbart said...

I love LUSH products! Will definitely have to try this...

xo, Bekka
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ThisGirlLovesChic said...

lush products are fab!! love how cute they are too!!

This Girl Loves Chic 

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Morgan Paige said...

It's the best :]

Morgan Paige said...

same! I always want to buy everything!

Kasi said...

I absolutely love Dream Cream! It worked so well for my skin this winter, definitely the best body lotion.

Cindy Quero said...

I have been waiting for Lush store to open in a local mall but I don't think I can wait any longer…gotta get some Lush<3

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