May 19, 2014

Coffee Talk: Cleaning Out My Closet

This week, Monday's annual Coffee Talk post begins with a weird fact about myself: I clean when I'm stressed out. I will admit that typically this anxiousness manifests itself into me eating everything I can get my hands on, but every now and then my "nervous tick" begins and ends with me altering my environment. I light candles, do laundry that has been piling up, or I buy fresh flowers to brighten up my room; basically do anything that evokes change to my living space. I literally "clean out my closet." This tick, though it may be a bit strange, almost always provides good perspective and it's what prompted today's post. 

The truth is I need to clean out more than just my closet. And last night, as I was going through my things I realized that summer is the perfect time for some "me cleaning." In my world, that consists of less procrastination and more personal reflection. Less time on my cell phone and more time with my friends.

This cleaning process also got me thinking about what life would be like if I didn't procrastinate. If I kept the promises I made to myself and actually made a concrete decision or completed a task I'd been putting off (the current of which is starting my graduation thank you notes). What would this feel like. Probably a lot less stress if I'm being honest, and I'm sure all of you can relate.

So as summer really starts to set in, and we all embark on the journeys to come, take some time today and do some cleaning of your own. Finish a task you've been putting off or met with a friend you've been neglecting. Do something good for yourself, and don't forget to let me know how it goes.

Happy Monday!



Claire said...

I love cleaning out my closet, because if I get rid of some older things that means there will be room for new ones! Also, my guilty stress habit is indeed eating. Drowning my sorrows...ha! ;)

God bless,
XO, Claire

Morgan Paige said...

lol I agree! Cleaning out my closet is an excuse to go shopping for sure ;] thanks for checking out Gorgeous Chaos

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