June 16, 2014

My Go-To Instagram Apps

I have an unhealthy addiction to Instagram, as do we all I'm sure. So today I want to share with ya'll some of my favorite insta apps that help make all your pictures pretty! Some might be new to you, and others might be old favorites!
Check em out!

Why I Love It: This app is so FUN! Offering both single picture and collage options, A Beautiful Mess    allows you to attach adorable doodles and boarders to the pictures you post. My favorite feature is the text/phrase button!

Why I Love It: This app functions like a dream. Plus the personal effects allow you to style your pictures! There's even a function for eliminating blemishes! Say whhhattt? You'll have fun playing around with this one!
Price: Free

Why I Love It: I love that this app allows you to add bokeh light effects to your images! All you have to do is pick a color scheme and start adding the light!
Price: $0.99

I hope this post has inspired you to take to Instagram and utilize some of these fun apps!  

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