August 29, 2014

Coffee Talk: Three Month Milestone

Happy Friday ya'll!! I don't know about you, but this has been an insanely busy week. From visiting my sorority sisters and friends to working longer hours at Victoria's Secret, I am so grateful for this extended weekend.

This weekend also marks 3 full months since I chopped off my permed hair {for the full story on my big chop check out this post here}. Honestly the time has FLOWN and I am so excited about my progress thus far.

I thought I'd use todays post to share four things I've learned since going natural. I've also include some progress photos! Have a great weekend guys!

{big cop day}

{last week}

1. Maintaing hair will always be work. A lot of people will try and tell you that having natural hair is hard. Others will tell you that maintaining permed hair or weave is harder. So whats the truth? Maintaining the hair on your head, no matter what it's form, will ALWAYS be work. The only way it won't be is if you don't want it to grow. Bottom line. So attacking your hair with that frame of mind and  understanding why you will have to put in the time will make the process all worth it in the end.

2. I love my curl pattern. Everyone's hair has a natural state. After years of putting chemicals in my hair, I can honestly say that when I began this journey I had no clue what mine looked like. Now I would like to report that I have the tightest curls on the planet haha. But seriously they're so wound that it makes my hair look a lot shorter than it actually is. And let me tell you shrinkage is already a mother but my texture takes it to a whole other level. {shrinkage is what it sounds like. it means that at rest your hair looks short but if you were to pull on a strand it elongates}.

But I love it! I'm so glad that I'm finally learning how to work with what the good Lord gave me.

3. Accessorizing is key. Cutting off my hair forced me to step up my accessory and makeup game. I gladly accepted this challenge because what girl doesn't love an excuse to shop! This taught me how to play up my features and enhance my natural beauty. Plus its fun to kinda dress up my face everyday!

4. My confidence really can come from within. Prior to my chop I believe that I hid behind my weave in order to mask confidence issues I had with just being Morgan. But there's something about literally removing almost all of your hair that snaps you back into reality. You're forced to really see yourself. Without the "stuff" {in my case hair} that I thought I needed in order to be beautiful.

Now I see myself in a whole different light. I'm still a ways away from where I want to be confidence wise, but this journey has most definitely helped me grow in so many ways. I hold my head a little higher and I can't wait to see what happens next.



AJ said...

You look great :)


TheAJMinute | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin

Morgan Paige said...

Thank you so much!

Kenya Hunter said...

You look amazing Morgan! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can identify with this post.... I recently revealed my natural hair (a few weeks ago). I am in love with my hair right. There is something that is very liberating! Anyway, you look great!

xo, Kenya

Morgan Paige said...

Thanks! Glad to meet a fellow natural girl :] Thanks for stopping by!

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