August 18, 2014

Everyone Is Getting Married

During my freshman year of college I joined a bible study group via our campus CSF (Christian Student Fellowship) as a way of staying connected to Christ during my first few months away from home. We called ourselves the Pockets Full of Sunshine and during that time in my life, it was nice to consistently be around 13 other girls that I could relate to.

A few days ago I was feeling nostalgic, so I went back to our group Facebook page to reminisce and see how everyone was doing post graduation and I noticed a shocking trend. As of this month, half of our group is either engaged or married. This all happened in 3 years people. 3 YEARS!!

This continuum of wedded bliss is even more noticeable when I scroll through the main feed of my Facebook page. And I can honestly say it's freaking me out. Everyone I know is getting married.

Now, I am in no way saying that there is anything wrong with getting married young. I think marriage is a beautiful commitment and its so amazing to see people that I went to both high school and college with settling down and starting families. As a self proclaimed hopeless romantic I honestly can't get enough of all the lovin'. I guess it just makes me anxious for my own impending future.

And this is why.

I think as twenty something women, we feel this internal pressure to find "the one" as soon as possible. People tell you to focus on your education/career in one breath and in the next they're telling you its hard to find a good man after college. Wait what. Excuse me. Talk about stressful. There's a reason why we run around kissing frog after frog only to end up alone at the end of the night trolling social media like this lady.

It's too much.

That's why I have decided to completely sit down when it comes to finding guys. This is especially hard for me because patience is not one of my shinning qualities. But I have faith in God's perfect timing, so until he decides I'm ready I'll be doing things far more important than finding a date. Like finding a full-time job and the nearest bottle of wine. Gotta get those priorities together.

I just wanted to write this post to all of you who feel rushed into life like I do sometimes. I believe that our youth shouldn't be set to some pre-determined schedule. Just get out there and do ya thang girlfriend.

Happy Monday!



carolina pinglo said...

its seriously so true! as a girl you get so much pressure as soon as you hit 20

Morgan Paige said...

I know! It's so unnecessarily stressful.

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