September 3, 2014

5 Things You'll Always Find In My Car

Today I've decided to blog about the 5 things that I ALWAYS have in my car no matter what's going on in my life! These items have become staples because I have continuously found myself in situations where I would have benefited greatly by having them in my possession. But hey, you live and you learn {and then, in my life at least, you blog about it}

Plus you'll thank me later for this one, trust me.

Deodorant/Body Spray. This is probably my favorite "car staple" because even though life can get smelly, you my dear never want to be. (be careful of the deodorant in extreme weather conditions, I've melted a few sticks in my day.)

Tampons. Because if there's one thing I know about my little monthly friend its that she always manages to visit me when I am the least prepared for her arrival. And that's why you'll never catch me without one. Plus you never know when another female friend might need one!

Chapstick. Self explanatory.

An extra pair of shoes. Boots if it's winter, flip flops if its summer or spring. I started doing this my junior year of college after I got caught wearing sandals during a random torrential downpour. 

Umbrella. Now I know you're probably thinking "duhh girl why wouldn't you keep an umbrella in your car", but you'd be surprised. Look at it this way, most of the time, at least in my life, rain catches me completely off guard in the middle of the day. And in Lexington there is no "oh I'll just walk in it without an umbrella". Nope. The rain here is of a different breed my friends, so one must always be prepared. That's why I always keep an extra in my car. 

What are some of your must have car essentials? Leave some of your fav's in the comment section. 


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