September 18, 2014

5 Tips For Clearing Your Complexion

So recently I've been doing some revamping when it comes to my skin care regimen so I wanted to push out a short series on skin! Today I wanted to share some of my tips for clearing my completion! They're simple, easy and they've worked for me over the years! 

Water Is Your Friend. This, at least for me, is the easiest tip to follow for boosting my complexion. Just drink more water. I help get in the extra H2O by always keeping a water bottle with me, that way I can fill up at home and when I'm on the go. Providing your skin with this extra moisture helps renew your appearance.

Hands Off. I would not get a passing grade in keeping my hands off my face. It's so hard isn't it? It's a  natural human reaction, especially for those of us who primp. However I've learned over time that a hands off policy is best when it comes to my face. I mean, just think about how many surfaces your hands not only touch, but are exposed to on a daily basis. Do you want all of that on your face? No way Jose! 

Wash Your Pillowcases. My mom instilled this habit into me from a young age. Providing your face a clean surface to sleep on will help prevent unnecessary breakouts. 

No Makeup At Bedtime. I don't know about you, but sleeping in my make up is typically the number 1 reason my skin goes south. After all, you're clogging your pores and nothing good can come from that. One way I combat this pitfall is with makeup removal pads. They make makeup removal simple and easy.

Hit The Snooze. I'm down for any excuse to stay in bed a little longer in the am, but it turns out that sleeping renews your skin cells. Theres a reason your skin looks well rested after a good nights rest! So don't you listen to anyone who tells you there's no such thing as beauty sleep.

What are some of your methods for clearing up your complexion?


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