September 10, 2014

Girl, I Love Your Style: Angela Simmons

I'm not much of a fashionista ya'll, but this year I've been glued to New York fashion week like it's my JOB! I guess its a coming of age thing and the fact that all of my favorite bloggers jetted off to NY and are sharing their experiences on Instagram, but something has changed for me and I like it! Therefore, in honor of Fashion week and my love for being fancy, I wanted to launch a series called Girl, I Love Your Style. The idea is to showcase people that inspire me with their fashion.

First up is a woman that I have followed since high school and now find myself mildly obsessed with when it comes to her fitness drive and personal style; Angela Simmons. Take a look at some of my favorite Angela looks and be sure to follow her on Instagram @angelasimmons for more amazingness!

To me, Angela is the ultimate role model for women my age. She's young but driven and seems to genuinely have a really good heart. In a dream world I'd love to meet her one day! I hope you enjoyed checking out some of my favorite looks by her. All photos were found via her Instagram account! Enjoy your hump day!



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