September 17, 2014

My Daily Blogroll

Even before I launched My Gorgeous Chaos back in March, I was an avid blog reader. Granted, my blogroll has increased significantly since then, but what attracts me to a site is still the same. I love bloggers who find a way to stay unique in this over-saturated blog world, bloggers who make me laugh, think, try something new, bloggers who know their voice and stick to that in their posts...this almost makes me feel over time that I know the girls behind the blogs that I frequent. Its the best feeling and I hope that over time ya'll will feel the same about MGC. 

So today I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak at my daily blogroll! Be sure to share some of your favorites below!



Cupcakes and Cashmere
Chronicles of Frivolity
The College Prepster
WhitSpeaks (my blog designer)
Stephanie Sterjovski (pretty prints)
Inspired By This Blog
Stripes and Sequins (this is the lady who introduced me to Frank; I'll forever be grateful)
Poor Little It Girl (she has the BEST post titles)
Olive Juice & S'mores
Lush to Blush
A Southern Drawl
Mae Amor
Glitter and Gingham
My Style Vita
Skirt the Rules
Teeny Avocado

Seem a tad overwhelming? Now you know what my mornings are typically like :] Happy Hump Day ya'll!


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