October 31, 2014

Be Witched

Happy Halloween my festive friends! I hope that you will be spending this day celebrating from dawn until dusk. I, on the other hand, will be spending much of this day at work. Cue dramatic facial expression. But don't you worry, I will be headed out as soon as I get off!

If I'm being honest, I wasn't much of a Halloween person growing up for 2 reasons.
1. My parents never let us trick or treat and
2. Because I'm a big fat chicken.
But as I've gotten older, I've grown to really appreciate this holiday. Especially since it involves candy (yum) and dressing up.

So get out there and celebrate with your girlfriends tonight :] Be safe and don't give yourself a sugar high! Oh, and go watch this dope, iconic scene from Mean Girls. I can always count on the plastics to give me a good ole laugh :]


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