October 30, 2014

Blast From the Past: London Part 1

Today on the blog were going back in time, yes I'm serious. We're going back to December (peep the Taylor Swift reference) for the next few days while I relieve and share for the first time here on MGC, my trip to London.

You see, I had a blog late last year over on Wordpress before I started here on Blogger. However, that site didn't stick and the pictures never transferred. But I thought that since I had such an AMAZING time, that I would reminisce a little. So sit back, relax and enjoy this blast from the past: London part 1. This post will document one of the best things I did while in London: eat. Warning, this post will make you hungry :]

1. Mojito Madness.
2. Burgers in London were so fresh.
3. Spicy Chicken Pasta
4. Beer was food in London.
5. The best Chicken Pesto I've ever had.
6. Menu Talk.
7. Lobster Ravioli heaven. The sauce and cheese were perfection. 
8. I don't remember the name of this cake. I do remember that I licked the plate.
9. & 10. The best Italian food I've ever  had in my life was in this hole in the wall a block from our hotel. The noodles were homemade, the sauce was unbelievable. I would go back to London just to eat here again.
11. Hands down THE BEST tiramisu I've ever had.
12. And of course, fish and chips. I ate this twice a week it was so good.


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