October 17, 2014

Coffee Talk with Keurig

Since it's Friday and I know everyone is itching to get their weekends started (5:00 where art thou), I thought I would keep it short and sweet for ya'll. I want a Keurig. Like, tomorrow. 

This obsession started last weekend, while I was falling in love with bourbon and the bluegrass, I also fell in love with my friend Drew's Keurig maker. This thing is awesome! I know. I know. I'm probably hopping on board this train late so please excuse my excitement, but this product just seems like a necessity in my life. Especially when I consume Starbucks like its my 3rd part time job. 

I just wanted to let ya'll know that this was on my radar, to see if anyone else had made the investment. Can I please pick your brain? How do you like it? I'm a sucker for product research so while I'm conducting my own, I knew that you ladies would give me the 411.

Thanks in advance! Have an awesome weekend! 

*all images obtained from keurig.com


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