October 6, 2014

Dream Bigger

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Heavy question to start off your Monday morning I know, but seriously, I want you to think about it....what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I've always been a big dreamer, head in the clouds ever since I was little so for me, this question is easy to answer. First, I would move to LA. Second, I would start my own media/pr/events company. These two sentences alone make me nervous and somedays I feel kind of crazy for thinking that I can actually thrive in the city of angles and run a successful small business one day, but hey, these are my no failure dreams. And I'm all about speaking things into existence so I'm laying it all out here for ya'll. 

But of course, I can't just dive head first into any of this without a plan. So below you will find the steps I am currently taking to help make these dreams come true.

  • Read everything I can get my hands on it. Knowledge is power in every field. So the best thing I can do for myself is to learn everything I can about the ins and outs of this industry.
  • Save now not later. You can't do anything without cash, let alone move. So creating a nice cushion for myself pre-move and while I'm in between jobs is the best thing to prevent headaches and stress later. I know its hard ya'll but saving is key. 
  • Reach out. Find a mentor. This is one of the most beneficial tools when breaking into any industry, find the person who has your "dream job" and reach out to them! You'd be so surprised at how many people will actually sit down and have coffee if you ask them! 
  • Find funding. To me, this is the trickiest part of starting a business, finding the money to do so. Thank goodness for companies like Kabbage, and no that's not a typo ya'll. Kabbage prides itself in offering safe and reliable small business loans for people like you and me who might be interested in starting their own businesses. And the best news is you can find out if you apply in 7 minutes! Head on over to their site for more information! 

Now that ya'll have heard me blab on about my big dreams I wanna hear about yours. Share some of your hopes and dreams below! I'd love to hear from ya! Have a great Monday. 


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