October 7, 2014

Favorite Halloween Inspired Flicks

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for a lot of reasons (look at me rhyming so early in the am), and one of those reasons is all the fun movies inspired by this time of year!! Take a look at some of my favorites below! I will warn you though I am not into scary movies at all, yes I am a 22-year-old chicken, so this movie mashup will be fun and festive only! Definitely a lot of flashbacks! Enjoy!

Hocus Pocus. I can quote this movie more than I care to admit. Plus Bette Midler is amazing.

Halloweentown. Thank goodness Disney plays this movie on repeat. I love all the Halloweentown flicks!

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown. Who doesn't love a good Charlie Brown movie! 

Double Double Toil and Trouble. I was all about the Olsen Twins movies when I was younger. Lovin this festive flick! 

Talk about a blast from the past right, I know some of these movies are about as old as I am. 

What are some of your favorite Halloween Inspired movies?


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