October 20, 2014

Just Do It

I'm taking a little cue from Nike this morning by doing something that I've been procrastinating for a while; getting serious about the gym. In order to do that I had to enlist some help. Yes friends, I got a personal trainer, and we start today at 10:30am (perhaps while you're reading this little gem). 

To be honest I've wanted to do this for about a year but I let excuses get the best of me. You know the ones, "I'm too busy", "I don't have the money"....I guess I always thought I could do it by myself, get the body of my dreams I mean. And my hat definitely goes off to the ones that can achieve their results that way. I guess I finally realized that I can push myself hard everywhere but in the gym. So I get mediocre results and my true confidence would lack.

But not anymore ya'll. Today is the first step and I couldn't be more excited. I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated on my progress. Eeek!

I also want to take this time to share something crazy that happened yesterday. This little blog of mine had 1,000+ views yesterday. Ahhhh how crazy is that?! Thanks so much for all your support :] Let's make this week a great one! 


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