October 2, 2014

Make New Friends

One of the hardest battles I've had to overcome since moving back home is learning to live without some of my best friends. As a result, I've spent lots of evenings in and have made a lot of trips to the mall/restaurants alone. But here recently I decided to get myself out of this funk and dust off those skills we all perfected back in the sandbox days. I needed to make new friends. Here are some of the things that I did to help ease the process...

Rekindle. While a lot of my friends from high school are long gone, there are a few people that have stayed in the area. Plus, over the years a lot of people have moved back home, so I reached out to these people again. Its  so nice to hear where life has taken everyone plus its another connection in the city.

Work Friends. This is probably the easiest thing to do; make friends with your coworkers. After all you spend a lot of time around them; a positive because you can easily weed out the people you know you wouldn't want to hang out with if you didn't have to. Plus, in my case at least, the girls at my job have lived in Louisville during college and know where to eat/go/party.

Join a club. Try a class. This is something I personally want to do, but it's the one that requires you to start over the most and put yourself out there. I think its always important to develop those skills because you never know when they will benefit you, but I know it can be scary to do something where you don't know anyone. But give it a whirl girlfriend. Let me know how it goes.

Be patient. Don't take it personally. These are the two things that I constantly have to remind myself during this process and it helps make things easier. You've got to be patient with yourself. You aren't going to become instant BFFs with anyone and most relationships take time to foster. And that's okay. Plus if you don't click with someone try not to take it personally. As my momma always says "you can't be friends with everyone."

I hope you found my little tips and tricks helpful. Now get out their and make a friend :]


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