October 2, 2014

Something New For The Fall

Ahh I almost forgot to share with ya'll the new change I made for the fall. I am officially a member of  team "long hair don't care" again. I decided to lengthen my locks because I was craving a change in my life; as if moving home and starting my part time social media job weren't enough. And while I played around with the idea for months, seeing the image below changed everything. I not only wanted longer hair, but some color too.

Thank goodness I know a lot of bomb A hairdressers, even here at home, and Coco (@coco_elaine) hooked me up! I love the richness in the color and couldn't be happier with my overall look. 

What do ya'll think? Is anyone else changing their hair for fall? P.S I have no idea why the arm on the right looks lighter/discolored than the one on the left. Probably weird car lighting :]


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