November 18, 2014

Create Your Own Skin Care

So I'm back with another skin care update. Long story short, the Proactiv didn't work. I mean, it cleared some of my acne like I mentioned in this post HERE, but it was irritating to my skin, particularly my neck. And shortly after my last update I got this textured rash on my neck and all over my face. This basically forced me to stop using Proactiv, and any other products on my face, for a solid 3 days while my skin recovered. In that time my acne has come back in certain spots but I just can't bring myself to start using the system again knowing how my skin reacted the first time. 

*cue the epic frustration*

And while I must admit my disappointment, I did learn several positive things from this ordeal and I've decided to share them with you today. Hopefully they can provide you with some insight. I haven't lost faith that I'll eventually get my skin together :]
- My skin is not "one size fits all" and my skin care products can't be either. So while I see the benefits of these packaged systems, I've finally accepted the fact that they aren't for me. From now on I am going to have to "create my own skin care system", and I'm excited to start the process.

- Cleanser with acne medicine. Good. Acne medicine in every product I use. Bad. This was probably the biggest thing I realized. Using 3 step products that all have acne medicine in them dries out my skin. So from now on I'll have to switch up my products as I need to.

- Beaded exfoliators are not for everyday. This is just a personal preference. I noticed that the beads in Proactiv rubbed my skin the wrong way after using the same cleaner day and night.

- Thin moisturizers do not apply. I need the real deal. This makes me laugh but its sooo true! I hate using moisturizers that last for 5 minutes. I mean, doesn't that defeat the purpose? This time I'm looking for something that lasts.

I do want to end this post on a positive note. I found a new acne wash that I'm really excited about; hopefully not prematurely :] I learned about it from one of my favorite bloggers Mae from Mae Amor. After reading her post HERE about Murad and their skin care line I decided to give one of their washes a whirl. Wish me luck!


November 16, 2014

Weekend Mini Moments

This weekend was crazy busy so I promise to be back with content tomorrow. For now, take a sneak peak into my weekend. Be sure to follow along @mpaige_x on Instagram!

1. Craving a Krispy Kreme something serious. And yes, I ate one.
2. Trying to burn off that donut :] Wearing new workout gear.
3. My first red cup of the season.
4-8. I worked an event over the weekend and here are some behind the scenes shots of all the fun and FOOD!


November 14, 2014

Today I Choose.....Joy

Today's post is a simple one, but it was a message that was right on time for me and I hope that it will be relevant in your life as well.

Do you ever wake up in a sour mood? I know sometimes I find myself mumbling naughty things as I roll over and shut off my alarm; running my daily "to do" list in my head before my feet hit the floor. Most days, this attitude follows me throughout the morning, afternoon and is still in my spirit as I crawl back into bed at the end of the night. But why? Why do I, we, wake up and choose negative emotions? Not only that, why is it so hard to stop that state of mind once it starts?

I know its never intentional, but a wise man once said you are what you think you are, and I reguraly find that to be true, both internally and externally. Our thoughts and words will either breathe life or death into who we are and are becoming....

So when I saw this message, "today I choose joy" it really struck a chord with me. What if I woke up everyday CHOOSING to be happy. How different would my days be? My relationships? My state of mind?

That's why I'm challenging all of us to choose joy today. And I hope that the decision to be happy spills over into everything you touch. Happy Thursday. 


November 12, 2014

Week 1 With Proactive

As promised, today I'm back sharing my findings after using the all new Proactiv+ system for 1 week. But first, a selfie. *pardon the lighting differences. from now on I'll be shooting progress shots in the same room*

After using this product for 7 full days I can definitely say that I've noticed a change in my skin. It seems....brighter and the exfoliator has helped smooth out my skin; a result I noticed probably after day 3. 

Not only did I notice a change in my skin's texture, but my pores are smaller and the pesky little pimples that had taken residence on my forehead are starting to go away! Baby steps ya'll. Baby steps.

I also really like how light the products are, particularly the Pore Targeting Treatment and the Hydration cream. The only negative to this is the fact that once my skin sucks up all the moisture it's often left dry so I have to go back and use Dermasil Original Lotion *my FAVORITE body lotion*. Even though this is a downfall, it's not something that I find to be a deal breaker. 

In fact my only major issue with this product is the fact that it irritates my neck significantly. So much so that I can't let the exfoliator get past my chin or else. I can't decide if this is a permanent reaction or just something that my skin has to get use to, but I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

In the mean time if any of ya'll have used the all new Proactiv+ I'd LOVE to hear from you! If not, what is your go to skin care regimen?


November 10, 2014

My Five Favs

Happy Monday ya'll! Lets get this week started by introducing you to five things that are currently on my list of favorites! 

1. I loved the original Frank Coffee Scrub and I can now say that I'm a fan of the coconut version as well. This product will leave your skin feeling AMAZING!*

2. Working at Victoria's Secret has created an unhealthy obsession with the all new collection of Ultimate Yoga Pants. I'm working on my 4th pair!*

3. This Bourbon Barrel Red wine made locally here in Kentucky by Old 502 Winery is one of my new favorites. 

4. Ashley Brooke is pretty much a genius and this Everyday I'm Hustlin' travel mug is pure perfection! Gotta sip that coffee in style ladies! *

5. 1989. Taylor Swift is a genius and I can't get enough.

*images obtained from the linked to web address


November 6, 2014

Knowing Your Worth

The topic surrounding todays post is something that has been on my mind for a long time...knowing your worth. I guess its because I have struggled to find balance within it in my own life. 

But we all do right? After all, this isn't something they teach you in school. I like to think of it as one part self awareness and one part gut feeling. And it doesn't matter if you're on your job or in a relationship, we all know when we start to tolerate more than we should and feel the need to say something, anything to stick up for ourselves.

"Just don't overreact". Right. At least that's the message society feeds us the second we raise our hand to demand our worth in any situation. But I won't be a hypocrite. And while I would like to say that I always keep calm and carry on, telling ya'll that would be a big fat southern lie. In fact, I am guilty as charged for overreacting a time or two. Sometimes the passion gets the best of me. And even if I take it too far, I have never regretted speaking my truth when it mattered most.

I say all of this to tell you to celebrate your worth today! You are gorgeous, intelligent, talented, #FLAWLESS in every way and God has amazing things planned for your life! Walk in that state of mind today! And if anyone tries to tell you any different or make you accept less than what you know you're worth, set 'em straight girlfriend :]

Have a great Thursday ladies! 


November 5, 2014

Instagram Roundup

Since this went so well last time, I thought I'd give ya'll another glimpse at my Instagram swag from this  past weekend. I traveled from Louisville to Lexington and back, ate some yummy food, took a tour and so much more! 

Check it out below and let me know what you've been up to "behind the scenes". 

1. I was a witch for Halloween ya'll. Fun and easy :]
2. I received a lot of goodies this week! Frank (which I'm obsessed with) and Proactiv+!
3. I took a little tour of Louisville Stoneware. This image is of their paint party section.
4. For optimal results...just add bourbon. 
5. This has got to b the BEST burger I've had in a long time. 
6. More from my tour at Louisville Stoneware.
7. My sick girls remedy. My mama's White Chicken Chili. Hauls. Kleenex. Pain Reliever.
8. Some much needed words of wisdom! Live a life you can be proud of.


November 4, 2014

Blast From the Past: London Part 2

It's time to share Part 2 of my London trip from back in December. If you missed the first London installment fret not, you can check it out right HERE. And you should. Because it's all about food.

Today I wanted to share with ya'll some of the amazing sights that I saw throughout my trip, and honey there were a lot of them. I apologize in advance for the image overload but I simply couldn't help myself. One of my favorite things about England was the deep history and AMAZING architecture. 

I hope you enjoy!





November 3, 2014

A is for Acne

This is going to be one of those "keepin it real" posts today ya'll. You ready? Okay.

Raise your hand if you have acne.

As we speak I am jumping up and down, waving my hands, because I have suffered from pimples and blackheads for as long as I can remember. As a teenager it was an expected right of passage. But now that I'm into my twenties, acne is something that I finally want to conquer. If it were only that simple.

I have tried tons of products in the past, but this time I wanted a skin care system that was quick and easy. Something that not only improved my acne, but my overall skin health as well. So after some research, I decided to try good ole Proactiv. As ya'll know this brand has been around forever, but the company recently re-launced its products so I was egger to get my hands on the all new Proactiv+

From order to arrival it took about six days for my goodies to arrive at my doorstep. Let me tell you a little bit about what I got. Of course, the traditional 3 steps:

- Skin Smoothing Exfoliator
- Pore Targeting Treatment
- Complexion Hydration 

But I also got some free goodies *huge benefit of ordering online*

- Mark Correcting Pads
- Eye Brightening Serum
- Skin Purifying Mask
- Dark Spot Corrector

Now, in order to make sure I see the results of the actual skin care, I decided to just use the 3-step process for the first 2 weeks on my Proactiv journey. 

I've taken some before pictures *no judgement* so that I can track my results for ya'll as well. Feel free to send along ANY questions and I'll do my best to answer them. And if any of ya'll have tried the new Proactiv+ I would love to hear from ya! Lets do this thing!

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