November 18, 2014

Create Your Own Skin Care

So I'm back with another skin care update. Long story short, the Proactiv didn't work. I mean, it cleared some of my acne like I mentioned in this post HERE, but it was irritating to my skin, particularly my neck. And shortly after my last update I got this textured rash on my neck and all over my face. This basically forced me to stop using Proactiv, and any other products on my face, for a solid 3 days while my skin recovered. In that time my acne has come back in certain spots but I just can't bring myself to start using the system again knowing how my skin reacted the first time. 

*cue the epic frustration*

And while I must admit my disappointment, I did learn several positive things from this ordeal and I've decided to share them with you today. Hopefully they can provide you with some insight. I haven't lost faith that I'll eventually get my skin together :]
- My skin is not "one size fits all" and my skin care products can't be either. So while I see the benefits of these packaged systems, I've finally accepted the fact that they aren't for me. From now on I am going to have to "create my own skin care system", and I'm excited to start the process.

- Cleanser with acne medicine. Good. Acne medicine in every product I use. Bad. This was probably the biggest thing I realized. Using 3 step products that all have acne medicine in them dries out my skin. So from now on I'll have to switch up my products as I need to.

- Beaded exfoliators are not for everyday. This is just a personal preference. I noticed that the beads in Proactiv rubbed my skin the wrong way after using the same cleaner day and night.

- Thin moisturizers do not apply. I need the real deal. This makes me laugh but its sooo true! I hate using moisturizers that last for 5 minutes. I mean, doesn't that defeat the purpose? This time I'm looking for something that lasts.

I do want to end this post on a positive note. I found a new acne wash that I'm really excited about; hopefully not prematurely :] I learned about it from one of my favorite bloggers Mae from Mae Amor. After reading her post HERE about Murad and their skin care line I decided to give one of their washes a whirl. Wish me luck!


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