November 10, 2014

My Five Favs

Happy Monday ya'll! Lets get this week started by introducing you to five things that are currently on my list of favorites! 

1. I loved the original Frank Coffee Scrub and I can now say that I'm a fan of the coconut version as well. This product will leave your skin feeling AMAZING!*

2. Working at Victoria's Secret has created an unhealthy obsession with the all new collection of Ultimate Yoga Pants. I'm working on my 4th pair!*

3. This Bourbon Barrel Red wine made locally here in Kentucky by Old 502 Winery is one of my new favorites. 

4. Ashley Brooke is pretty much a genius and this Everyday I'm Hustlin' travel mug is pure perfection! Gotta sip that coffee in style ladies! *

5. 1989. Taylor Swift is a genius and I can't get enough.

*images obtained from the linked to web address


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