November 14, 2014

Today I Choose.....Joy

Today's post is a simple one, but it was a message that was right on time for me and I hope that it will be relevant in your life as well.

Do you ever wake up in a sour mood? I know sometimes I find myself mumbling naughty things as I roll over and shut off my alarm; running my daily "to do" list in my head before my feet hit the floor. Most days, this attitude follows me throughout the morning, afternoon and is still in my spirit as I crawl back into bed at the end of the night. But why? Why do I, we, wake up and choose negative emotions? Not only that, why is it so hard to stop that state of mind once it starts?

I know its never intentional, but a wise man once said you are what you think you are, and I reguraly find that to be true, both internally and externally. Our thoughts and words will either breathe life or death into who we are and are becoming....

So when I saw this message, "today I choose joy" it really struck a chord with me. What if I woke up everyday CHOOSING to be happy. How different would my days be? My relationships? My state of mind?

That's why I'm challenging all of us to choose joy today. And I hope that the decision to be happy spills over into everything you touch. Happy Thursday. 


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