November 12, 2014

Week 1 With Proactive

As promised, today I'm back sharing my findings after using the all new Proactiv+ system for 1 week. But first, a selfie. *pardon the lighting differences. from now on I'll be shooting progress shots in the same room*

After using this product for 7 full days I can definitely say that I've noticed a change in my skin. It seems....brighter and the exfoliator has helped smooth out my skin; a result I noticed probably after day 3. 

Not only did I notice a change in my skin's texture, but my pores are smaller and the pesky little pimples that had taken residence on my forehead are starting to go away! Baby steps ya'll. Baby steps.

I also really like how light the products are, particularly the Pore Targeting Treatment and the Hydration cream. The only negative to this is the fact that once my skin sucks up all the moisture it's often left dry so I have to go back and use Dermasil Original Lotion *my FAVORITE body lotion*. Even though this is a downfall, it's not something that I find to be a deal breaker. 

In fact my only major issue with this product is the fact that it irritates my neck significantly. So much so that I can't let the exfoliator get past my chin or else. I can't decide if this is a permanent reaction or just something that my skin has to get use to, but I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

In the mean time if any of ya'll have used the all new Proactiv+ I'd LOVE to hear from you! If not, what is your go to skin care regimen?


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