December 29, 2014

Girls Night Out

Lately this southern belle has been all work + no play and the holiday season has undoubtably been getting the best of me (hints my blogging absence). Thankfully a few weeks ago I gathered all my girls and together we had a much needed "Girls Night Out". But instead of going to the movies or dinner, I was so honored to have the opportunity to treat my ladies to a night of fun and pottery painting at Louisville Stoneware.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the brand, Louisville Stoneware has been a staple in the Louisville community for almost 200 years. Yes thats two zero zero ya'll! Their rich history and amazing product quality has solidified their presence as an industry veteran. And while I will admit I hadn't been to a paint party in several years, I was so excited to grab my girls and get started.

So here's how it works, in the Paint Your Own Pottery Studio we got to pick a piece to paint (plates, mugs, bowls, etc.) then using tinsels, stamps and the same glazes that the Stoneware professionals use every day we could get creative! After we finished our pieces were placed in the kiln, turning them into stone, and tahhh dahhh! Pottery complete.

Check out our Paint Your Own party below:

So this was the fun part, getting creative! I suggest going on Pinterest before your paint secession so that you can get a few ideas together and maximum your time. I decided to go simple and went with a bowl and decided to paint it Robin's Egg blue, darker on the inside and lighter on the outside.

However several of my friends got super creative with their pieces. It was so nice to see everyone relaxed and genuinely having a great experience. 

If you're in the Louisville area and are looking for something fun to do with your family, friends or significant other (wink wink) you MUST make a trip to Louisville Stoneware! My girls and I had an amazing time and their staff was so helpful and welcoming! Plus its perfect during this time of festivity before life gets serious and school starts up again.

To find out how you can get in on the fun, head over to their website HERE. Tell them I sent ya :]


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