December 11, 2015

Keep It Positive

I had another post planned for today but I woke up with something on my heart and decided to share my thoughts with you beautiful ladies.


December 9, 2015

December 7, 2015

December 2, 2015

Olive Green Dress

I love a good throw it on and go dress. You know, those old faithfuls that turn you from frumpy to fabulous in no time. That's what this olive green trapeze dress has become for me. It's super cute, comfortable and hides any evidence of a food baby after dinner. Plus I'm always down for any excuse to not wear pants #sorrynotsorry.

To help keep this outfit in season, I tossed on this comfy scarf to camouflage the dresses v-neckline and added the PERFECT little booties to top it all off. 

Sidebar: I really wish ya'll could have seen me twirling and running around this empty parking lot to get these shots. It was pure comedy. You can almost always guarantee stares from people when you're posing for a camera in broad daylight, but if you're running and leaping and walking backwards and flipping your hair for no reason, people literally stop and stare. One Republic style. 

Dress: Express | Scarf: Old Navy | Booties: (similar) (similar) | Bangles: Forever 21

all images by Kaye McCoy


December 1, 2015

Transitions and Change

It's FiYAY! I don't know about you but I am so excited to start the weekend! I've got lots of  cleaning to do + a fun blog shoot on deck! As promised, I wanted to fill ya'll in on all the changes that have been going on in my life but I promise to keep it short(ish) and sweet...

Alrighty here's the quick and dirty. Back in late August, exhausted from yet another stent of job hunting, I applied for a social media position that I heard about via Instagram. Because of my history with the job market and my frustrations with the process, I went home, filled out an application and sincerely thought that I would never hear anything back.

Maybe it was my stubbornness or plain exhaustion from trying, but it was in the moments right after clicking "send" that I decided this would be the last job I applied for. I was done. If I didn't hear back I would save as much as I could and take the leap and move to Atlanta in January, like I'd secretly been wanting to do for months. And that was it. My mind was made up. All systems were a go.

But I heard back in 3 days, had a phone interview on day 4, an in person interview on day 8 and an offer letter in my inbox on day 12. I went from over it to employed and living in a new city with a new job in three and a half weeks, all because I saw one post on Instagram. Talk about a curve ball.

For those of you who know me personally or if you've been following along here for a while, you know that I had been searching for a job in my field for a little over a year. Even though it took a lot longer than I ever thought it would to find something, I am a firm believer in the Lord's perfect timing, so I know that my journey to this place was no accident. I'm so thankful for my new position and I am finally settling into my new life away from home. Plus, in true Morgan fashion, I'm making friends which has seriously made the transition 100% easier.

Outside of that I'm feeling like a major adult these days....and its weird. I really enjoy the #girlboss feeling I get from taking care of myself and my home and most nights I'm in bed before 11pm. In a lot of ways I see a new person growing in my old self and so far I'm enjoying this new chapter in my life.

Now, I don't know what stage you're at in life but if you're searching for a job, no matter what field, I've got a little unsolicited advice for you. Don't EVER give up on yourself, don't settle and don't let people talk you out of your dreams. Think about it this way, for months and months I was only good enough to be a company's unpaid intern, but for one company I was good enough to be a paid salaried employee.

I know it can be so hard waiting for God to reveal his plans to you, but it so worth the wait. And even though his answer might not be your "end game", it will always be a positive step in the right direction.  


November 30, 2015

Flannel and Fringe

HEY GIRL HEY! I am so sorry for my absence here lately. I guess you could say I took an unintentional leave of abscense to clear my head and to handle some things that were going on in my personal life. The end of summer brought a huge season of transition for me and I had to do a lot of adjusting in a short period of time. 

Regardless of the circumstances, being away made me realize how much I love MGC and my daily interactions with all of you so I knew I had to start incorporating blogging into my life again! Plus I know ya'll missed me too. Because we've been separated for almost 7 months, I didn't want to turn this post into an epic novel so I'm gonna give you the quick and dirty of what I've been up to on Friday. So stay tuned for that. 

What I will say is that things are about to get real consistent around here girlfriend. My time off helped motivate me to take this blogging thing seriously. So what does that mean for you? High quality photos + new posts by moi every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The only change that I'm making content wise is the inclusion of more fashion inspired posts. Starting Pretty Wednesday really awakened a love for clothes that I've always had but was too scared to visually document. But I loved it and you loved it so I'm gonna keep that going. Got it? Good! 

Now let's jump into today's post!

The MVP of this outfit is obviously my black fringe boots. Who doesn't love a little tassel action? I know I personally hopped on that fashion trend back in the spring and held on all summer + fall long. No shame, I may or may not have 5 different shoes with a little something hanging from them. Don't judge me okay. That's why choosing to pair them with this red and black flannel shirt and black vest was a no brainer. The whole outfit screams transition plus all the pieces are easily interchangeable.  

PLUS this flannel shirt, jeans and fringe boots are all ON SALE today for #CyberMonday!! Speaking of which, don't do too much damage today okay. Friendly reminder that the first of the month is tomorrow (aka you gotta pay rent and so do I so let us all shop like we have some sense or shop till you drop whatever floats your boat #YOLO).

Flannel: Old Navy  | Vest: (similar) | Jeans: Express | Watch: Michael Kors 'Slim Runway' | 
Fringe Boots: Charlotte Russe

all images by Kaye McCoy 


May 1, 2015

Talk Derby to Me

It's Derby season ya'll!

 I seriously can't believe I've lived in this city for 13 years and I've never been to any kind of Derby event. I know, I'm a slacker. Luckily this year I'm definitely making up for it and I can't wait for the festivities to begin. All week the city has been buzzing! Everyone rushing around making sure they have the perfect dress, hat, shoes...Derby is a big deal and its all come down to this.

My original plan was to actually attend the 141 run for the roses, but for some reason I thought I was going to be able to wait until a week before Derby to get my ticket. Sike. Luckily I now have the opportunity to attend Oaks, so all is not lost. In fact, I'm typing this in the middle of my personal glam preparation. This blogging thing is so fancy ya'll.

As for my dress, it was literally the fastest shopping experience of my life. When I walked into Macy's, it was the first dress I saw and the first dress I tried on. I honestly had a "Say Yes to the Dress" moment in the fitting room because I just knew it was the one. AND oh my gosh I almost forgot the best part of this dress. It has pockets ya'll. I didn't even realize it until the middle of my photo shoot and I had a little dance party in the street.

I did decide to opt for a fascinator instead of a hat because my head sweats and I did not want those problems at the racetrack. 
Anyways it's time I get back to curling my hair. If you're in the bluegrass state right now I hope you enjoy all that Derby has to offer and if you're not have a beautiful weekend.


April 30, 2015

White Lace

I love white for spring. It's so crisp and clean and very dangerous for this accident prone lady, but I just can't help myself. And the all over lace detailing was just icing on the cake. I'll just have to be extra, extra careful when I wear it in real life; AKA no eating, no drinking, no thinking about eating or drinking. Nada. Do not pass go. 

Because this dress is a neutral, I wanted to get a little...bold with my accessories and lip color. I "borrowed" the turquoise earrings from my mom, here's hoping she doesn't notice, but the hot pink lip was a risk for me personally. I'm usually all about the nudes unless its after 10pm and I'm headed to a party, but today I decided to give it a go in the daytime. And I love it. 

Dress: Ralph Lauren
Lip: Mac
Earrings: (old) similar 
Shoes: Aldo


April 29, 2015

Triangle Patterns

Happy Derby week ya'll! The weather here in Louisville has been absolutely STUNNING and I've loved running around in it. And even though this dress is only a few weeks old, I can already tell its going to be one of my spring/summer staples. 

The pattern is so fun and unique, incorporating tons of different colors so I can remix it easily without feeling like I keep wearing it the same way. Plus it has pockets. HELLO LOVER. I am obsessed with dresses that have pockets because it just makes life 100% easier. I know you know what I mean.

I decided to pair it with another one of my spring/summer staples, wedges. Even though these are from last season, they're still in really good condition and since they're nude, I can literally wear them with anything. 

I hope the weather is gorgeous in your neck of the woods and I hope you have the chance to get out there and enjoy it. Stay tuned the rest of this week for a few Derby inspired outfit posts. I can't wait for you to see them!!

Happy Pretty Wednesday
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