February 18, 2015

February Lust List

So today I was planning on unveiling another Pretty Wednesday outfit but we got about 12 inches of snow on Monday, the day I was suppose to shoot looks.....so here I am with nothing fashionable to share with you. Thanks a lot mother nature.

Instead, I've decide to share my February Lust List with ya'll. Just a few items I'm itching to get my hands on this month. Some are fashion pieces, others are beauty items....all are things that I promise you'll want too. 

1. Ever since I started "workin on my fitness" again, I've wanted to try the Fitbit
2. This Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair bag is so classic. Plus it comes in a mini too!
3. I mean, its Michael Kors + travel. How could you not love this watch?
4. Some of my favorite beauty bloggers have been raving about the Clarisonic and I'm dying to try.

Happy Wednesday. 


February 16, 2015

Beauty Rush

In addition to finally investing in fashion pieces, I've also been in a little bit of a beauty rush here lately. So today I wanted to share the newness with all of you! 

First lets talk chapped lips.....I don't know about you but the cold temperatures have taken a toll. And when I lost my chap stick last week I thought I was going to lose it. So I marched myself to my neighborhood Sephora and bought this tube of amazingness, the Super Nourishing Lip Balm. It is seriously like wrapping warm blanket on my lips. 

Another gift from Sephora, my Naked Palate. Yes people, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. And as a former/current eyeshadow novice, I am in love. Virgin, Half-baked, Hustle and Darkhorse have quickly become my favorites. 

I've also been wearing Shy Shine by Mac everyday since I bought it two weeks ago. I call it lipstick abuse because the poor thing is almost gone already. Thankfully I justify it because a classic, versatile nude lip goes with everything.

The last product on my roundup is something that has saved my face from becoming dry and brittle this winter. The Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty is one of my staple products. What I love most is that it's sulfate and paraben free AND it provides moisture that lasts. Talk about a win win. 

I'd love to know what beauty products you're currently coveting. Spill it in the comments below and have a great Monday!


February 13, 2015

The Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day

I love the idea of romance as much as the next girl but there's something about Valentines Day that always makes me feel very......single. And I don't want to be one of "those girls" who is constantly complaining about her relationship status but you've got to admit, Hallmark makes it very hard for me to be content with not having a valentine.

Luckily this year I'm not worried about Valentines Day and you shouldn't be either. Why? Because I have come up with a backup plan, the Single Girls guide I guess you could say, to surviving Valentines Day and its a good one! Plus I'm sharing more images from my FAB V-Day photo shoot! For more eye candy check out Wednesday's post HERE.

Pamper Yourself.
Manis, pedis, massages and MORE! Treat yaself to a day of relaxation and pampering. After all, you work hard and you deserve it.

Grab Your Girlfriends. 
This is a hands down no brainer for Valentines Day if you're single! My girls can put a smile on my face no matter what.

Go To The Movies.
And I think we all know what movie I'm talking about. Fifty Shades is going to be the Beyonce of the box office and I don't plan on missing it.

All Roads Lead to Home
At the end of the day, if you feel like staying in on Valentines Day I completely understand. Grab your favorite bottle and catch up on Scandal and HTGAWM (Shonda owes me a new heart for what I went through last night) and have some you time. A bubble bath with candles only sweeten the deal. Oh. And chocolate. You'll need lots and lots of chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day gorgeous!


February 11, 2015

Tulle For You

This tulle skirt is the fashion equivalent of my personality. Fun, classic, festive, and a little too much. I mean how can you not just fall in love with it!! Needless to say, I'm definitely a fool for tulle so I had to include it in a Pretty Wednesday post. I will be honest though, those balloons, not cooperative. I spent most of the photo shoot shoving them out of my face but hey, it's all in good fun ;]

Now, back to the outfit. I originally wore this skirt on New Years Eve and it was such a hit that I decided to remix it for Valentines Day. I paired this gem from Space 46 Boutique with a red top, for obvious reasons, and a chunky gold necklace. These open toed shoes helped tie together the look but if I had to do it over again I would have picked more weather appropriate shoes (the sun may have been shining but I was freezing). Ahhh the things we do for a pretty picture...have a great day ya'll

Shirt: Target
Tulle Skirt: Space 46
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: (old) similar here and here


February 4, 2015

Pretty Wednesday

I am not a fashionista. 

Let me just say that first so no one gets the wrong idea here. I am however a girl  woman who wears all black to work (retail probs), has a closet full of things that either don't fit or don't inspire and has never really felt comfortable with the idea of fashion. Thinking about it honestly gives me mild anxiety. 

Dramatic? Yes. Good thing I'm only kind of kidding :]
I guess my point is that I've never felt like my clothes match my spirit. So I decided to change that. I decided to take control of my closet. And even though I had no clue what I was doing when this idea first came about, thankfully I had some help. That help came in the form of bloggers I've never met and sisters that mean more to me than they know.

Following so many bloggers, each with a unique sense of style, gives me tons of outfit inspo on days when I find myself uninspired. Plus my sorority sisters (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated) are always dressed to impress, and that motivated me too. I'm talking "you better bring your A game because they show out everywhere they go" dressing to impress. It's not a game. 
Their flawlessness inspired my pledge to "discover my personal style" and that pledge inspired this series. Pretty Wednesday. Every hump day I will document my fashion journey and the rebuilding of my wardrobe. For better or worse, I'm putting it allllllllllll out there for ya'll. Here we go....

Today we're kicking things off with this faux fur vest I scored a few weeks back at Forever 21. What I love the most about this piece is how soft and versatile it is. Perfect for dressing up a casual look.

To off set the neutrals and denim, I added the most perfect clutch from the store that has become my guilty pleasure, Francesca's. 

Have a very pretty Wednesday ya'll.

Faux Fur Vest: Forever 21
Earrings: Francesca's
Necklace: (sold out) similar Francesca's and Bauble Bar
Shirt: Walmart
Jeans: (Marshalls) similar American Eagle and Shopbop
Clutch: Francesca's
Boots: Aldo
Socks: Von Maur 
Lip: Mac


February 3, 2015

In the Tornado

So, I'm really excited about this post. Ya'll remember yesterday when I said I was switching things up around here....well this is change numero uno.

A new series, that I promise to stick with!

Twenty Something Tuesday is one of those ideas I had one day while randomly running through my blogroll. One thing I love about this industry is being able to hear from so many versatile women on a daily basis! Everyone has a different story/viewpoint to share with the world.

This realization got me thinking that it would be cool to set aside a place here on MGC to share advice for us twenty somethings by twenty somethings from all over the country. Fashion/beauty tips, advice on dealing with family, boys, bosses....nothing is off limits. 

I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers and here we are! The first #TST! Let's do this!

Tyece Wilkins from Twenties Unscripted has some great advice for ya'll today. Made my anxious self a little calmer about this decade of life.....enjoy!

I’ve been writing about being in my twenties for almost three years now, so I should have something to say…right? I should have some wisdom to impart, some gem I picked up along the way, some advice to cascade down to those coming up behind me. I have a blog called Twenties Unscripted. TWENTIES Unscripted. Yet, when given the topic of being a twenty-something to guide my writing, I draw a complete and total blank.

I thought I would write about turning 25, but I shot that down.

I thought I could write about appreciating the moment and not always stressing over the future, but that felt too trite.

Maybe it’s because despite my blog’s moniker, I stopped writing about being a twenty-something awhile ago. Instead, I continued writing and I just happened to be a twenty-something. My blog’s tagline is a “sincere, sassy and sometimes smart-assy take on growing up” but now I am just growing up and I sincerely hope the work I produce reflects that.

Maybe I am rambling through this shitter of an intro to say that there is not anything new under the sun about being a twenty-something. The times change and the trends change, but the tornado stays the same. We’re not even done basking in our newly-graduated glow before we’re hurled into the tornado of all the things we worked so hard for and thought we wanted.

In Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” she writes about the mistake of being a writer in the middle of writing a book and asking published writers for advice.

“I asked people who have already finished books for advice, which is akin to asking a mother with a four-year-old what childbirth is like. All the edges have been rounded and they have forgotten the pain.

In many ways, anything I could say about ripe post-grad life is just like being that published writer or seasoned mother–my edges have been rounded and I have (gladly) forgotten the pain. I fell into a conversation awhile ago with a girl finishing her last semester in college. When she told me she was nervous about graduating, it took a second for that sense of pre-graduation jitters to come back to me. I forgot what it’s like for adulthood to barricade itself right in front of you. I’ve been in the tornado for far too long. I’ve been running on the hamster wheel, paying off debt, racking up some more and trying to go to bed at a decent hour every night. I’ve been excited for payday and resentful of rent day. I’ve been solidifying friendships, saying goodbye to others and setting personal boundaries for my time and energy. I’ve been too lazy to date, too frustrated to date, too busy to date, too full of excuses to date. I’ve been scurrying away trying to build an empire and praying that it’s on a firm foundation. I’ve been living in that damn tornado.

I don’t know where you are in your own twenty-something journey. I don’t know if you just started, are halfway there or are near the finish line headed into a new decade. Whatever your residence is on this 10-year bizarre spectrum, I say to let the tornado take you in; you’ll be surprised how beautiful and fulfilling it is to learn how to function in the right kind of chaos. A storm of your own becoming, a mess of your evolution, a funnel of your growing up is a beautiful tornado in which to exist.

Tyece Wilkins is the creator and editor-in-chief of Twenties Unscripted, a blog for millennial women. She enjoys drinking red wine, reading, getting entrenched in long conversations with friends and creating customized things that she doesnt need on Zazzle.

Follow her on Twitter @tyunscripted
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February 2, 2015

Hello Gorgeous

Hello there gorgeous! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. For those of you who have been following along, it's great to "see" you again! But if you're new around here I am so thrilled to have you.

My Gorgeous Chaos has become the perfect description of my life over the past year. As a recent college graduate I don't have any concrete plans for the future and nothing is shiny or perfect. And I'm not gonna lie, that can be scary....terrifying even. But there's also something amazing about being able to paint your own future. So that's what I'm doing, that's why I started this blog....so I could compile all the things that I love and that inspire me into one place. The goal: to celebrate life and to learn to make the most of the in between.

Having said all of that I am so excited to be back! I have new content coming your way and I also wanted to take this time to switch things up a bit. I can't wait for ya'll to see how everything turned out so make sure you check back daily to see what I'm up to.

Until then, I've compiled some of my favorite past posts so you can get your MGC fix! See you tomorrow!

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