March 30, 2015

Fringe With Benefits

Now that spring is finally upon us, I am in a mad dash to replace my coats for cardigans and lighten up my wardrobe to prepare for the months ahead. And with lots of trends gaining momentum this time of year, I want to make sure I add a few solid pieces to my closet that stay true to how fashion is evolving but also reflect my personal style.

Right now I’m obsessed with fringe, so today I rounded up some of my favorite pieces for you! I know the idea can seem a bit overwhelming, but this trend is super easy to throw into the mix of your spring wardrobe.

I always start off with statement accessories like heels or a handbag; they will add that pop of texture without completely taking over your outfit. But keep in mind that fringe looks amazing on larger items as well, so when you’re ready to take that plunge you’re going to look amazing!

Check out my roundup and then let me know what trend you’re coveting this spring!

Four. Bikini
Seven. Necklace


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