March 9, 2015

Lay the Foundation

Alright ya'll I need some help. I'm almost all out of my MAC Powder Foundation and before I jump on a repeat purchase, I've kinda been toying around with the idea of switching to liquid (foundation); mostly because Ive heard it gives a better coverage. Mind you I've been a powder gal since I started wearing makeup, so I'm a little nervous about trying something completely different for everyday.
But I figured you gorgeous ladies could help me out :]

I peaked around Sephora and educated myself on a few of my brand options but I would love to hear from you! Do you wear liquid, powder or both? Which brands are your favorite? 
Do you prefer one or the other depending on what your doing that day?
Basically I want to know it all. Spear no detail! 

I can't wait to hear from you! I've actually made quite a few new beauty purchases recently, the one I'm most excited about is my Clarisonic, so be on the lookout for that review soon! Happy Monday! 

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