March 25, 2015


Spring is upon us and not a moment too soon! After all, that snow/freeze/melt/repeat thing was getting a little old and I was tired of wearing pants. Yes, I said it. I hate pants.

*insert sundress here*

This oldie but goodie is from a store that I'm basically obsessed with called Francesca's. I promise you its impossible to walk in without falling in love and nine times out of ten I leave with a bag in my hands. I think what I love most about Francesca's is the quality and uniqueness of their pieces. I don't know how they do it but those folks get it right every single time!

Because this print is pretty busy on its own, I kept it simple with styling. Just a pair of flats, my signature Gemini necklace and a cardigan just in case.

This specific dress is long gone but I've linked some of my favorite Francesca's Dresses bellow. Happy Pretty Wednesday.

Palm Tree Printed Dress // Floral Maxi // Layne Dress


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