March 15, 2015

Spring Break Withdrawals

I am going through some serious spring break withdrawals ya'll. This time last year I was in sunny Miami and this year I'm at home working my days away. What a difference a year and a college degree makes.  

So to help ease the sadness, I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from "the last spring break".  I had a ball. I saw Trey Songz on the beach, drank $15 cocktails and strolled up and down south beach day after sunny day with some of my closest friends. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything, but now I'm ready to create new ones. Adult vacations here I come! All you recent grads feel my pain/excitement.

 To everyone else preparing to jet set off to someplace fabulous, cherish these times while they last. I'd love to hear about your trips and adventures! Feel free to comment below :]
Happy Monday!

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