April 17, 2015

This Weeks Links

I was on the internet way too much this week so I decided to share some of my highlights with ya'll.

1. A helpful guide on different ways to dress for a job interview (www.theeverygirl.com)

2. This list of healthy items reminded me that I need to go to the grocery (www.theglitterguide.com)

3. The Mother's Day Collection at Lush is BEYOND amazing! (www.lushusa.com)

4. I'm all about this pineapple trend (www.nordstrom.com)

5. Anne Hathaway is my hero for this version of Wrecking Ball. Miley Cyrus who? (www.youtube.com)

7. This baby will make your heart melt. (www.lucydarlingshop.com)

8. Rent the Runway is my new obsession. My Derby dress is coming from them. (www.renttherunway.com)


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