November 30, 2015

Flannel and Fringe

HEY GIRL HEY! I am so sorry for my absence here lately. I guess you could say I took an unintentional leave of abscense to clear my head and to handle some things that were going on in my personal life. The end of summer brought a huge season of transition for me and I had to do a lot of adjusting in a short period of time. 

Regardless of the circumstances, being away made me realize how much I love MGC and my daily interactions with all of you so I knew I had to start incorporating blogging into my life again! Plus I know ya'll missed me too. Because we've been separated for almost 7 months, I didn't want to turn this post into an epic novel so I'm gonna give you the quick and dirty of what I've been up to on Friday. So stay tuned for that. 

What I will say is that things are about to get real consistent around here girlfriend. My time off helped motivate me to take this blogging thing seriously. So what does that mean for you? High quality photos + new posts by moi every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The only change that I'm making content wise is the inclusion of more fashion inspired posts. Starting Pretty Wednesday really awakened a love for clothes that I've always had but was too scared to visually document. But I loved it and you loved it so I'm gonna keep that going. Got it? Good! 

Now let's jump into today's post!

The MVP of this outfit is obviously my black fringe boots. Who doesn't love a little tassel action? I know I personally hopped on that fashion trend back in the spring and held on all summer + fall long. No shame, I may or may not have 5 different shoes with a little something hanging from them. Don't judge me okay. That's why choosing to pair them with this red and black flannel shirt and black vest was a no brainer. The whole outfit screams transition plus all the pieces are easily interchangeable.  

PLUS this flannel shirt, jeans and fringe boots are all ON SALE today for #CyberMonday!! Speaking of which, don't do too much damage today okay. Friendly reminder that the first of the month is tomorrow (aka you gotta pay rent and so do I so let us all shop like we have some sense or shop till you drop whatever floats your boat #YOLO).

Flannel: Old Navy  | Vest: (similar) | Jeans: Express | Watch: Michael Kors 'Slim Runway' | 
Fringe Boots: Charlotte Russe

all images by Kaye McCoy 


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