December 9, 2015


I love stripes. They're almost a no brainer for me because everything about them is classic. This dress offers a bit of a twist though because the pattern runs both horizontal and vertical. Plus its super super soft! But you wanna know a secret, I literally just found out that this dress is apart of Old Navy's maternity collection. And when I say "just found out" I mean as I'm writing this post and dropping in the links for ya'll on Tuesday December 8th at 10pm. No I am not great with child, I just clearly don't read the tags of the clothing that I buy.

But who cares right! This dress is cute and it fits so #ICantWorry. Anybody else accidentally buy maternity clothes...nope...okay then....Happy Hump Day!

Dress: Old Navy | Tights: Target | Booties: Forever 21 (similar) | Earrings: H&M


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