August 22, 2016

Monday Motivation

Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret  | Leggings: Victoria's Secret (similar) | Tank Top: Victoria's Secret (similar) | Shoes: Nike (similar)

There's something about new, cute workout clothes that make going to the gym a little easier, especially early on a Monday morning.

Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret  | Leggings: Victoria's Secret (similar) | Tank Top: Victoria's Secret (similar) | Shoes: Nike (similar)

I love that Mondays always inspire me to start fresh and refocus on my goals. Like most people, I really wanted a #SummerSixteen body and even though I'm starting a bit late, these workout clothes are just what I needed to get motivated. 

In fact, this entire outfit is from Victoria's Secret believe it or not. They have completely stepped up when it comes to athletic wear. I admittedly went a little cray a few weeks ago buying leggings and sports bras left and right, because if you love something you have to have it in every color. So if we have a full week of workout inspired posts don't judge me ya'll. I'm just out here trying to get it together and so far its working (I'm down 5lbs). 

My favorite piece in this outfit are these AMAZING leggings. They're so smooth and literally fit to your body like a glove so they make workouts more fluid. If you haven't already, make sure you check out VS and all the amazing thing their sport line has to offer.

Happy Monday everyone! Make sure you go kick ass in the gym today!

Photos by Hanna Salonen



Jaisy Bonie said...

No one wants to finish a workout to look in the mirror and see a saggy butt or limp thighs. You want to see that you accomplished something, and even if most of the visual work is done by the best workout clothes, just that can keep you coming back to the gym to push out another workout session as you work to obtain that taught physique.

Mystrengthmatters said...

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