August 22, 2017

Jumpin' Jumpin'

Ladies leave ya man at home cause this jumpsuit hugs all ya curves in all the right places. To be honest I usually shy away from long jumpsuits like this one because of my hip to thigh to butt ratio usually results in a cluster in the crotch area ha! And it ain't cute. But this little black number from Shop The Mint changed the game. 

The material is super breathable and has an adjustable tie around the waist. It is a little long so ladies grab them wedges, my shorter gals could probably get this hemmed with no problem. I love the black because its slimming and perfect for transitioning into fall. Shop The Mint also has a similar version in navy too that I've linked here for ya'll. Unfortunately the earrings are sold out in hot pink but they do have them in red and I've linked them below!

Anyways, make sure ya'll check out Shop The Mint if you're looking for trendy and classic pieces. Their entire website is full of amazing this for fall and they have a ton on sale too! I want to personally thank their team for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post. I hope ya'll have an amazing day!

Jumpsuit (c/o)  |  Earrings (c/o)  |  Wedges (similar) |  Sunglasses  | Lipsticks


August 21, 2017

Who What Wear Collection

When it comes to having self control I think I do alright for not going "cray cray overboard" with most things in life. That doesn't mean I don't have weaknesses though and they usually come in two forms: food (because duh!) and shopping. The store in particular that I do not trust myself in is Target and I feel comfortable speaking for all us ladies when I say that place is trouble. I mean seriously, I can go into Target for tampons and contact solution and come out with $150 worth of clothes, accessories and crap from that darn $1 section that I'm never going use but buy because it's seasonally appropriate and cute! So yeah, I do not trust myself.

Every now and then though I walk into my local Target knowing exactly what's about to go down. And when Who What Wear dropped their fall collection a few weeks back I just accepted the inevitable shopping that would take place. For those of you that don't know, Who What Wear started off as a blog and turned into a fashion empire. Every season they release a new collection with Target and it is always flame. Perfect pieces for work and play!

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from their collections with ya'll. I'll be styling more pieces in the weeks to come but I wanted to kick things off with this look. I love that this sleeveless sweater is a tease on fall and winter! Plus this fun floral skirt and my new favorite shoes make this the perfect work to dinner outfit under $50! Make sure you stop by your local Target and check out the collection okay! You're gonna love all the things! Have a great Monday ya'll, it feels so good to be back!

                                       Top  |  Skirt  | Mules  | Bag  | Sunglasses  | Watch  | Earrings

Who What Wear Collection:


July 26, 2017

My Favorite People To Watch Cook On Instagram and Snapchat

image: @myleik 

For me, one of the ways I relax and unwind is by catching up with everyone on social and some of my favorite content to watch is people who cook! So I chill on my couch hungry AF watching my friends and my friends in my head make these simply but BEAUTIFUL meals. Seriously ya'll should see my screenshots after these daily secessions; nothing but food I want to eat and clothes I want to buy!


July 24, 2017

Louisville Burger Week

Hi ya'll! Happy Monday! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know I was traveling all around God's green country over the weekend! I was in Nashville Friday afternoon/evening for a fabulous Cabi Fashion show featuring their fall 2017 collection. It was SO GOOD and I can't wait to share the pieces with you. 

July 19, 2017

Dresses You Can Wear Now And Transition Into Fall

Dress  |  Sandals (TJ MAXX)  |  Lipstick

For me there always comes that awkward point in the summer where I know its still going to be hot for a while but I also want to start introducing pieces that I can carry with me into the fall. That's why I LOVE a good transitional dress. I've been shopping them non stop the past few weeks and for good reason; fall is right around the corner and I'm honestly hoping it comes sooner rather than later because I am MELTING in these 90 degree temperatures ya'll!


July 11, 2017

What's New In Beauty: FaceTory Sheet Mask Subscription

As a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I am always looking for the next and the newest. So one day I was stumbling around on Instagram and discovered FaceTory, a subscription service for Korean sheet masks. Sounds crazy right, but in a world where anything and everything can be delivered to your door why not sheet masks?!


July 10, 2017

My Weekend In Review + The Best Graphic Tees

Tee  |  Denim  |  Shoes  |  Lipstick

Happy Monday friends! I don't know about you but I had so much fun this weekend! I went to a baseball game, took some outfit pictures with my friend Tori, ate some amazing fried chicken and mac and cheese at a new restaurant and even made a few new friends! But it's back to reality today and I'm ready to start this week with a new focus and determination to get some things done! Lately I've been feeling meh about my progress as a blogger but I have decided that 2017 is going to be my year. I'm just going to keep my head down and do my best until I reach all of the goals I've set for myself. That's all we can do after all. Progress over perfection is the goal ladies!

Okay, now that I'm done being sentimental, let's talk about my new go-to outfit! 


July 6, 2017

The Thief Of Joy

I've honestly been low key comparing myself to other girls my entire life. The exact moment or memory of when the comparison started is a little fuzzy, but I know it was around middle school which I'm sure is a shock to no one. Don't get me wrong, those early years weren't miserable for me; I had friends and I wasn't bullied because I could run my mouth with the best of them but I still always felt in limbo. It was probably the hormones and the "not knowing who I was" normalcy that comes with that age.

July 5, 2017

Affordable Work Fashion: $42 Shift Dress

Dress  |  Shoes (similar and similar) |  Necklace  |  Clutch (TJ Maxx)  |  Sunglasses

NEW SERIES ALERT: A few weeks ago I realized that when I started my brand new big girl job I never took the time to actually build a work wardrobe. Seriously ya'll its bad and I need more clothes ASAP. So I decided to start this "Work Wear Wednesday" series so I can share this journey of building a fun and versatile work wardrobe. I know at least for me sometimes finding fashionable office clothes can be daunting and low key stressful but my goal here is to make it fun and easy for the both of us. In fact I've already found a few amazing pieces that I can't wait to feature here! Plus I know there are a lot of working girls out there so hopefully this content helps ya'll out too. First up, this gorgeous shift dress.


July 4, 2017

Crop Tops For Summer With ASOS

Crop Top  |  Jeans  | Shoes  |  Sunglasses

That's right people, crop top Morgan is making an appearance today and to be honest I was a wee bit apprehensive about posting this look on the blog. After all, we each have our own insecurities and lately my tummy has been mine. But I'm back in the gym and turning 25 for me is all about being fearless and just going for it so what the heck right?! I actually love myself a good crop top. I love this one in particular because its from ASOS and its under $25!


July 3, 2017

Fourth Of July Sales And $32 Denim Shorts

Top (similar and similar) |  Shorts  |  Sandals (old)   |   Purse (similar)   |  Sunglasses 

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope ya'll had a great weekend. Mine flew by so I'm happy to have another two days to run around and relax; cheers to long weekends! Friday and Saturday I did lots of shopping and found some pretty great deals! I know the 4th of July is tomorrow and most everyone will be having BBQs, setting off fireworks and going to the pool but I know some of ya'll are like me and will spend the day shopping. So this one's for you.

June 22, 2017

On The Rocks + Add Salt

Dress  |  Earrings  |  Shoes (old) |  Purse

If you can't already tell from the title this is my margarita dress ya'll. The bold coral color and the ruffled sleeves just make me feel so festive! Plus let's be honest, I'll use any excuse to sip a little something on the rocks with extra limes and salt around the rim.

June 21, 2017

Fringe Hem Denim And 5 Random Facts

Top  |  Jeans  |  Sunglasses  |  Purse 

Let's start with the facts shall we. 

Fact #1: This top is gorgeous and on sale for $25! I've seen similar tops selling for upwards of $80 which means you need this one ya'll. NEED. It's right on track with the off the shoulder trend and the lace is extra feminine; perfect for summer!


June 19, 2017

The Birthday Post: 10 Lessons I've Learned by 25

Shirt |  Denim  |  Purse | Sunglasses  | Shoes

Happy Monday beauties and happy 25th birthday to me!! To be completely honest I've had mixed emotions about this milestone for a couple of reasons. One, because I've always thought 25 was a real adult birthday and most days I still feel like a kid making stuff up as I go along. Two, because 24 was a really rough year for me. Honestly the toughest year of my life. Health scares, death in my family, quitting a job I hated, feeling so lost in my search for love and was just a mess from start to finish. 


June 15, 2017

How To Network When You Don't Know Anyone

My mom always jokes that I've never met a stranger because of my ability to quickly make friends and easily adapt to any situation. I think I talk too much haha but I also genuinely love people and think that connections and relationships can be found in every situation.

But I know not everyone is like that, shoot even I get nervous sometimes. Let's face it, meeting people and making friends can be stressful. In fact, when I attended the Hartley Social event "Sit With Us"a few weeks ago I knew not one soul going into it.


June 12, 2017

Life Lately

Dress: Express  |  Bag: Forever 21 (old)

Happy Monday my loves!! I know it's been a minute since you've seen me here but I went through a stage of writers block here and I felt that if I didn't have anything to say that I should take a step back until I did. So I've been enjoying life, working out, spending more time with friends and it has made such a difference! But duh I missed ya'll and now I'm ready to run my mouth again so I hope you're ready haha. Let's talk about life shall we...

April 11, 2017

How To Style A Wrap Front Skirt

Top: TJ Maxx   | Skirt: Cabi Collection (c/o)  | Flats: Nine West (similar)  | Bracelets: Ann Taylor Loft

I live for a wrap front dress! DVF made them iconic in my opinion and they're effortless and always available come spring and summer. So when I saw this skirt from the Cabi Collection I knew I had to have it. At first glance its simple, but then you notice the faux wrap front tie and the double sided slit and all of a sudden its unlike any piece I have in my closet.

April 7, 2017

The Perfect Weekend Outfit

Top: Cabi Clothing (c/o)  |  Jeans: Express   | Shoes: Steve Madden   | Purse: Fossil (similar)Top: Cabi Clothing (c/o)

Kicking up my feet because its finally Friday! I had another amazing work week and now I'm excited to let my hair down, do some shopping, maybe grab a glass of red and spend tonight laughing and eating with some girlfriends! This outfit is so perfect for all of those things.

April 5, 2017

You Are Enough

Top: Old (similar)  | Skirt: Who What Wear (Target old)  |  Shoes: Charlotte Russe   | Purse: TJ Maxx

I really wasn't going to write this post because sometimes vulnerability is embarrassing. Other times the things that I need to get off my chest are really raw and honest. Maybe even too honest for this little blog of mine. But if you know me in real life then you know that I always say what's on my mind and you'll NEVER have to question where I stand when it comes to my feelings. I'm a Gemini so I have a lot of them haha.

So I'm taking a chance by opening up like this and if one girl relates to or finds inspiration from these words, then its worth it. So watch me work this polka dot skirt and then scroll down and lets have some girl talk. shall we?


April 4, 2017

Trending For Spring: White Jeans

Top: Joan Vass (I got mine at TJ Maxx for $20!) |  Jeans: Express  |  Shoes: Report Shoes| Purse: Forever 21 (similar)
I've said it before and I'll say it again, white jeans are tricky ya'll. Too thick and you can't move around comfortably during the day. Too thin and all your lovely lady lumps are out on display for all of the world to see.

That's why I'm superrrrr picky about where I buy and how I style my white denim, or white pants in general for that matter. But for me the search for the perfect pair is so worth it because I love having this crisp, fresh option during the spring.

April 3, 2017

Alpha Kappa Alpha

I've honestly typed and deleted so many versions of this post because I want to make sure that I get this one right ya'll. Over the weekend I celebrated my 4th AKAversary with my sorority sisters and we seriously had so much fun! I honestly think back and can't even believe that its been 4 years with these ladies!

Time has dealt us a wedding, death, babies, big girl jobs, engagements and so many more monumental life moments. But when I sat down to write this, all the little moments flooded into my head. Seriously, don't get us started on memories because we will be laughing and crying for hours about the things we've been through together.

I remember back in the day having so many different emotions wondering what this sisterhood would be like. Because I don't have any biological sisters, I have heavy expectations attached to the word "sister". I just wanted it to be real. Period. I know a lot of sororities only promote that sisterhood during undergrad and then after you get your degree everyones like "peace out". So I was always worried that I either wouldn't build those relationships or that if I did they wouldn't last.

But God is so faithful and I can honestly say the BEST decision I made my entire collegiate career, aside from traveling abroad, was deciding to be apart of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. These women are not only DROP DEAD FREAKING GORGEOUS, but they are so smart, real, so much fun to be around, literally pick a positive adjective and they are it haha. I can say for a fact that they have helped shape the woman I'm becoming and the crazy thing is we're just getting started.

No, things aren't always shiny and happy. Sisters fight. But if I ever needed anyone of these girls, day or night, I know that I could call and count on them. And that's what it all comes down to for me. I know that they will always be there.

That's why times like this weekend are so important, now more than ever. With life getting real for all of us, its nice to get as many of us as we can in one place to celebrate how old we are haha.

Anyways I hope ya'll have a great Monday! We'll be back to regular fashion/beauty content later this week, I just wanted to get personal with ya'll today.

March 30, 2017

5 Things I'm Excited About For Spring

Top: Cabi Clothing (c/o) |  Jeans: Express  |  Shoes: Report  |  Purse: Dooney and Bourke (different color)  | Watch: Michael Kors 

Top: Cabi Clothing (c/o) |  Jeans: Express  |  Shoes: Report  |  Purse: Dooney and Bourke (different color)  | Watch: Michael Kors

I can almost feel the weather settling into pretty consistent warmth. Almost. But since its still a little wishy washy, I am cherishing the pretty days we get here in the bluegrass state. Between me and you though, I'm itching for full blown sunshine and singing birds haha. Zero patience over here.

If you're like me, then you slowly add pieces into your wardrobe to help ring in a new season. That's why I was so excited when Cabi Clothing reached out and wanted to collar in celebration of their new Yacht Club collection. Ya'll the pieces are beautiful. I will be styling a few of my favorites here on the blog over the next few days but today its all about this gorgeous shoulder tie tank.

Tank tops usually get labeled as frumpy and super casual but Im so excited that Cabi broke that mold with this printed orange and white top (and another top that I get to share with ya'll next week). The feminine ties are so much fun plus this print will look gorgeous on everyone!

Before I leave ya'll for the day I wanted to share some things that I'm super excited about for spring! Make sure you drop your favorites below too! Happy Thursday!

5 Things I'm Excited About For Spring 

1. Afternoons at Keenland and Downs After Dark events at Churchill Downs. Pretty dresses, sunshine and bourbon; sign me up!
2. Going to the farmers market on the weekends. I love picking up fresh vegetables and yummy macaroons.
3. Peonies finally coming back in season. Seriously ya'll they are my favorite flower ever and I can't wait to put them up in my bedroom and my new office.
4. Outdoor eating. Self explanatory really.
5. Thunder over Louisville and all the super fun pre Derby events! There's so much going on in Louisville its hard to keep up but its such a fun time to be in Kentucky.


March 28, 2017

Work Wear + Pops Of Color

Top: Ann Taylor  |  Skirt: Who What Wear  |  Shoes: Charlotte Russe  | Earrings: H&M (similar and similar)

When I got my new big girl job one of the first thoughts in my head was "oh my gosh what am I gonna wear"?! Transitioning from my all black all the time wardrobe to something a little more freeing was exciting but daunting at the same time. For one almost everything in my closet would need to be replaced and I also didn't want to fall into that "work wear is boring" trap I know a lot of people slip into. So I've sort of embarked on this journey where I'm trying to both build my work wardrobe and stock up on some really great pieces.

Thank goodness for Target, the place where all my money goes to die and my mother for introducing me to this amazing skirt from Who What Wear. I always love the collabs that Target does with other brands and celebrities but if you're a working woman like me you have to check out this full collection. Its so chic and young but classic enough to wear to the office.

I'm also loving Ann Taylor's options like this lantern sleeve blouse. You can wear it a million different ways but be careful because it does snag super easily. I did add my super old tassel earrings to spice things up a bit. They might be a tad bit too much for work but for you guys I had to add a little somethin' somethin'.

I'd love to hear some of your favorite places to shop for office wear! I'm still on the look out for more great pieces. I can't wait to share what I find here with ya'll.

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