October 24, 2017

Confidence and Curves

What would I  do without my ride or die little black dress. Every girl has her favorite right? Mine is simple, body hugging and under $15 from the GOAT Forever 21. I love it because its classic and stretchy and always makes me feel like a smoke show, giving me a little extra layer of magic we call confidence. And when I pair it with this rose embroidered denim jacket I fall head over heels. It's the perfect mix of casual and sexy that always keeps me coming back for more.

But if I'm being honest, and since me and you are friends I feel like I can be, I've been sort of lacking in the confidence department here lately. Why? Two words: weight gain. Yup. That age old problem that I know every one of us has dealt with a time or two. But I promise I'm not here to complain about it, because I already have my southern booty back in the gym. 

No, I brought it up because even though I've been secretly feeling like this for a few weeks, when I put on this outfit I forget about those insecurities. Isn't it funny how fashion does that? Clothes become your armor. I suddenly sit my shoulders back and hold my head a little higher because HELLO curves and confidence. Insert hair flip and all of that. 

So if you're feeling down and out slip on your favorite outfit, put some lipstick on and do some laps in your living room. Whatever helps bring that magic out honey cause I promise you its in there even on days when it doesn't feel like it.

 Little Black Dress (similar and similar) |  Denim Jacket

 Little Black Dress (similar and similar) |  Denim Jacket


October 23, 2017

Fall In Full Swing + A Life Update


I don't know about you but October is FLYING by! Seriously, it's almost like I blinked and here we are; fall is in full swing, pumpkin spice is flowing freer than water and the holidays are right around the corner.

I know I've been absent both here and on social because the evolution of me trying to get my life together hit real hard this month, particularly after I wrote THIS POST on learning to push past fear. So I've been dreaming and planning and scheming and I'm finally feeling peace I haven't had in a long time. What can I say, sometime a break and self reflection is necessary so you don't turn into a crazy person, at least it is for me.

So here's a quick and dirty life update:
  • I started back in the gym. I stopped being consistent after vacation and gained back every single pound that I lost, of course. So now I'm back on the grind!
  • I'm visiting LA in January and I am so excited! I've never been that far west before so if you've ever been and have suggestions on where to eat, explore and play drop me a comment!
  • I'm singing in this musical review at UofL next month! For those of you that don't know me personally, I use to act and sing religiously growing up but I stopped about 5 years ago. After writing "The Other Side of Fear" I decided that I really wanted to get back into exploring my creative/artistic side and this showcase was just the ticket. If you live in Louisville I'll share details on the when and where once we get a little closer.

Anyways let's talk fall fashion shall we! I LIVE for a good sweater dress because wearing them means I don't have to wear a jacket and I don't have to wear pants #WinWin! This one is from Nordstrom Rack is super comfy and I'm obsessed with the distressed details on the side. It also falls longer in the back which is super convenient. And its under $40!

But the star of this outfit are hands down these fringe heels! They're just so different from anything I have in my closet and they're so comfy!! I know they're not traditional fall shoes but I'm going to get as much wear out of them as I can before open toed shoes become a no go.

Dress  |  Shoes (similar under $40) |  Bag (similar and similar)


Dress  |  Shoes (similar under $40) |  Bag (similar and similar)

October 5, 2017

How To Host The Ultimate SCANDAL Watch Party (TGIT)

If you know me in real life then you know that Thursday's are sacred in my house. I do not play about my TGIT (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder) so that means on this special night each week you can find me surrounded by wine (duh) and lots and lots of snacks; probably freaking out because of Shonda Rhimes and her brilliance! You know, typical Morgan stuff.

This Thursday is especially sacred because the final season of Scandal premiers and I can't even know what to say about it ya'll. I'm one of those people that gets WAY too emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters so I go through a lot on Thursday nights. Between the live tweeting and the not breathing due to excitement I am never prepared for what comes my way. I'm also just going to come out and say that if Fitz  and Olivia don't end up together I'm not going to be okay. Like, I might need to be resuscitated....but I digress. I am not here to share all of the many ways I hope Scandal ends. I'm here to talk about the good things in life: celebrating with friends and food.

I knew I wanted to host all my friends to celebrate TGIT so naturally I wanted to share all of that with you! So today's post is sharing all my tips and tricks for hosting the perfect TGIT party.

Set The Atmosphere
For me, that means fresh flowers and fall scents. Super easy. I've also made sure I have enough pillows, chairs and blankets for everyone just in case.

It's All About The Food
Let's be honest, the food is the centerpiece of every party so I was excited to hit up Pinterest to help me plan this portion of the shindig. I knew I wanted the food to represent TGIT so I decided on popcorn/snacks and this beautiful meat and cheese board!

For this party, doing snacks was eaiser than planning an actual meal because of the time! So if you're planning your own TGIT party I would stick to the simple stuff and then if everyone is food hungry opt to order pizza or Chinese when everyone arrives. That way you're not over buying all this stuff and people can actually eat what they want!

.....And The Wine
The second reason we all watch TGIT is to partake in 3 hours of wine drinking. Naturally. So I picked up a few bottles of my favorite reds and whites but I've also asked each of the girls to bring their favorite bottle of wine when they come. That way hopefully everyone can try a new type of wine and no one person is buying all the alcohol.

Invite Everyone
No I don't mean invite literally every person you know ha! I just mean that for me it's easier to invite a mix of my girlfriends to stuff like this because its chill and so easy to bond over good TV and great wine. Some of my friends have watched every episode of every TGIT show, some have not even seen 5 minutes of any episode. Some I know from school, others from work or random chance meetings and some of these girls have never met each other before! My point is that I love pulling together my friends from every corner of my life in hopes that they make a new friend too.

And that's all I have for ya'll today! I hope you enjoyed the post. Grab a glass of wine with me and my girls tonight as we enjoy the TGIT. I also LIVE for a good live tweet so follow me on the Twitter: @mpaige_x is my username!

September 26, 2017

The Other Side Of Fear

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

Those words...lumped together in a sentence like that kinda make your heart jump don't they? At least that's the way I feel when I read them...like someone wrote those eleven words just for me.

I think my reaction is due to the fact that I'm currently going through this internal struggle I like to call the "is it worth it to chase my dreams" conflict. You know, that feeling you can't shake, that tug at you're heart that you're suppose to be doing something more, chasing something greater, stepping out on faith in some way shape or form. I feel like that everyday ya'll. This overwhelming inescapable sense of conviction...yeah that's the word. I feel hella convicted reading that quote.

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

I think most people ignore that feeling if I'm being honest. That or they just don't have the desire for more, but I think most of us tuck that little emotion away deep down inside us and go on living our lives because it's easier. It's easier to dismiss our dreams than to stare them in the face and admit to wanting them. More than we want to feel comfortable. More than the fear that is holding us back....

For me that fear of "chasing my dreams" has always been tricky and twofold:

1. I'm afraid that I'm not good enough. That I'm not talented enough to achieve my dreams. That I'm wasting time because I should have tried harder when I was younger, when there was less at risk.

2. I'm afraid that any success I might achieve will be underserving because of mistakes that I've made in the past. Big, small, accidental or intentional; I feel like my mistakes define me. Which is a dangerous burden to hold onto, chasing dreams or not. But reality 101 in my life is that I'm hard on myself.

So for years I've been going through life, with fear #1 and fear #2 all up on my back, suddenly getting a small taste of that "this is what you're suppose to be doing" feeling, letting fear talk me out of it, pushing that feeling down deep and then continuing with life as usual. And around and around and around in that circle I went for 10 years. Turns out running from the things you love is exhausting AF. Especially when I don't HAVE to be running, I could surrender and let it all go like Elsa because....

Everything I've ever wanted is on the other side of fear. 

So why am I sharing this with you? Great question. For one, I low key needed to get it off my chest for my own sanity but I also know that on some level we all deal with issues like this. So I wrote this post to let you know that you are not alone. Whatever your fear is and whatever happiness or fulfillment lies on the other side of it....you're not alone in wanting to satisfy your dream to obtain it.  
I also wanted to share some things that are slowly helping me to get out of my own way and face the fear:
1. Make a list of 5 things you would do if you knew you wouldn't fail. AKA write down your dreams.
So I know this is corny but give me a minute to explain. For me it's easier to get to the quick and dirty of what I want by making a short list and then start taking steps towards those goals. They seem less scary when I break them down plus it helps give me a simpler place to start. 
2. Research people who fearlessly chase their own dreams/people you look up to in whatever you want to do.
For me that means reading lots of #GirlBoss books.  I'm currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love and I'm re-reading A Year Of Yes by THE QUEEN Shonda Rhimes and I am in heaven. I've always been drawn to women who say f-it and dive head first after the things they want in life! It makes me braver and I don't know why it helps knowing that someone else started where I am, but it always does.
3. Show yourself some grace.
These things don't happen overnight. As much as my Gemini brain would LOVE for them to, it doesn't work like that. So everyday I have learned to try and show myself a little more grace. As long as I am doing SOMETHING to move me closer to my goals then I have to count that as a win. Same goes for you girlfriend. Be a little nicer to yourself okay.
Sorry for the length of today's post. Claps for you if you made it to the end! Anyways I hope this helps or was relatable for you in some way....see you tomorrow! 

September 20, 2017

My Fall 2017 Bucket List

I'm such a sucker for fall activities ya'll. I mean, how can I not be?! First of all its cuddle season so, that is reason enough to love the leaves changing and all the pumpkin spice deliciousness we get to eat and drink. But more than that, its always been my season to slow down...the year is now more than half over and that always helps me get focused on what I want to accomplish the remainder of the year.

So to celebrate the new season, today I wanted to keep things light and share with you my fall 2017 bucket list! Basically all the things I want to do before winter comes and sucks the fun out of being outside with a light jacket on. Thanks for stopping by! I hope ya'll have a great day!

1. Attend a college football game and tailgate.
2. Go to a pumpkin patch.
3. Go apple picking.
4. Make a homemade pumpkin pie.
5. Update my fall wardrobe.
6. Make Halloween plans
7. Go to a (not so haunted) house.
8. Learn to make a new soup/stew.
9. Host a Halloween movie night.
10. Go to a bonfire.
11. Carve pumpkins for Halloween. 
12. Deeper nail polish colors
13. Go on a hayride. 


September 18, 2017

My Favorite Places To Eat In Louisville

Today's post was HIGHLY requested and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with ya'll. If you know me then you know how much I love to pick up a fork. I'm a true foodie at heart and I get more excited than I probably should about sitting down to the dinner table. I think my southern roots are mostly to blame but who am I kidding, I'm pretty sure I would have ended up obsessed with sauces and seasonings and cocktails regardless.

So today I wanted to sit down and finally share some the best, at least in my opinion, places to eat in Louisville. Granted I haven't eaten at EVERY restaurant this city has to offer, but I've been around the block a time or two. I have included a few places I still want to visit as well just in case you wanna know what's on my radar. So if you live in Louisville let me know if you've ever been to any of the places listed below and please PLEASE share your favorites with me too. I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

Wiltshire Bakery and Cafe: Even though I use to only go here for coffee and croissant I've recently stated eating eating here and oh my goodness. Besides the fact that they have the best damn iced latte I've ever had, their homemade pasta's like the one above are TO DIE FOR!

Please and Thank You: I love the vibe of this place...super laid back and chill. They also have great coffee, lavender lemonade and amazing chocolate chip cookies!

Toast on Market: After a night out this is usually where me and my friends gather on Sunday mornings to recap and sip on mimosas. Some of my favorites here are the breakfast burger, the hash brown casserole and their rotating mimosa of the day!

Louvino: This one is a favorite of mine for bunch, lunch and dinner! The menu is so so good ya'll! From the filet and eggs and the chicken biscuit sliders to the brussels sprouts, the chicken tacos and the steak and fries you seriously cannot go wrong. They also have some pretty sweet wine flights too, my favorite individual bottle is called Sexual Chocolate lol.

Guacamole: Best guacamole EVER EVER! My favorite is the Yucateco. I also always get the Suizas which are shrimp and crabmeat enchiladas. And I'm not talking baby shrimp either my friends, these are the jumbos!

El Taco Luchador: My favorite place to grab tacos in Louisville. They are all so flavorful and the corn on the cob is a must. Yes it's messy to eat but it's so unbelievably worth it!

The Eagle: You get fried chicken here ya'll but I really come for the sides, the bourbon punch and the hot honey sauce! SO SO GOOD!

Feast BBQ: Everything at Feast is good ya'll. EVERYTHING. But I feel like it is my duty to tell you that the mac and cheese and collard greens are non negotiable and delicious AF.

Dragon Kings Daughter: Located in the Highlands this is one of my favorite sushi spots. I always get the stuffed wontons, the dipity role and the don't hurt em roll.

Garage Bar: Tucked in the heart of NuLu this place is a great hangout on nights and weekends. They have great pizza and their wings are delicious!!

Artesano Tapas: I love tapas restaurant because you get to order a whole bunch of stuff to taste share with everyone at the table.

Brix Wine Bar: I love a good pasta and for me it's all about the sauce. If its not flavorful or too runny I'm over it before I even start. But this place has THE BEST chicken carbonara and the sauce is MONEY. Like, seriously the best.

Mercato Italiano: I could honestly go on and on about how much I love this place. Eating here for the first time my friend Olivia and I read the menu and seriously got mad that we couldn't just order everything haha. Like, why is that not an option. This would be a great spot for a date night or a GNO.

What's On My Radar
- Le Moo
- Lox Louisville
- Stout
- Louisville Cream
- Anywhere with a dope patio

September 15, 2017

University of Louisville College Game Day Style

It's no secret that I mostly watch football for the beer and buffalo chicken dip, but I'm actually genuinely excited to watch this weekend's UofL vs. Clemson game. For one I got way to emotionally invested when they played each other last year and I also really want to wear this outfit because...HELLO! Crop top Morgan is coming out to play once again and I can't even lie, I was 100% feelin' myself when we shot these photos. That's how you know you've found a winner!

I can honestly always count on Victoria's Secret Pink to deliver that good good when it comes to UofL/UK merchandise so I scooped up this cropped hoodie the second I saw it. It's super soft and has just enough game day oomph without being too much. And if you're headed to the UofL game this weekend too stop by Victoria's Secret and they'll get you together! Of course I know you're probably tired of seeing me in these Express jeans but what can I say, they're my favorite because they make my curves look vah vah voom!

Anyways I hope ya'll like todays look! I've honestly really enjoyed putting together these tailgate looks for football season; make sure you check out my UK inspired look from earlier this week. I think I'm going to incorporate a few more of them throughout the season because it'll encourage me to participate in athletic like activities, aka the above mentioned beer and buffalo chicken dip lol. Ya'll have a great weekend!

Crop Hoodie  |  Jeans  |  Heels


September 14, 2017

Easy Fall Style

Even though I'm a summer baby through and through, I'm pretty sure fall is my favorite season. I love layers and scarfs (check out my post on scarfs under $25 HERE) and pumpkin spice lattes #basic and anything to do with fall like activities... I WANT IT ALL. But I know sometimes the weather changes so fast and you don't have time to get the wardrobe together, at least it does for me every single year. 

That's why lately I've been stocking up on one and done's; those easy and out the door outfits that are perfect for this in between weather while you prep for fall. Old Navy has so many great transitional pieces right now but I fell in love with this plaid shirt dress. It's classic and neural so I can add so much to make it pop, and it's comfy AF. And it comes in 3 other colors and is under $35! BUY IT haha you won't be sorry.


September 12, 2017

Why I Started Blogging + Tips For Anyone Wanting To Start

I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid my mom would find me making up stories in my room before putting them down on paper; Crayola crayon illustrations to match. I don't know why, but it was always my "thing" and I loved sharing stories and telling stories to anyone who would listen. At one point I seriously thought I was going to be Carrie Bradshaw when I grew up, most days I still do. And if we're pin pointing where the idea of "writing for a living" came from, I'm pretty sure it began with her.

Fast forward twenty something years to when I was a senior in college. I was still writing, still telling stories and on the inside I was scared AF about graduation. I mean I was terrified ya'll and thinking about all the steps I needed to take to set myself up for life post grad had me frozen in place. I literally did not one single thing to prepare.

That semester I had this writing class and sat next to this girl Addison every day. We got to talking, became friends and one day she started telling me about her blog. I'd heard of blogs before; at the time I was so obsessed with Courtney Kerr and how she quit her cushy corporate job to start her blog What Courtney Wore (now Kerrently), so I was intrigued by someone that I know owning one too. I started searching around and became fascinated with this industry and knew right away that it could help me. I desperately needed an outlet; anything to share what I was going through.

The landscape and content of MGC has changed so much in the last 4 years since I started. I could honestly kick myself for not taking it seriously back then but everything really does happen for a reason and I can honestly say that this blog has been one of the biggest joys in my life and I'm just getting started.

Even though most of the time I'm literally making shit up as I go, I do get questions from people who want to start a blog. So I've left some tips below for those of you that are interested.

1. Check Yourself
Now that blogging is a "thing", so many people get into it for the money and the Insta fame. If that's what you want then okay, I'm Gucci with that, just make sure you check yourself and understand why your diving into this pool. Because blogging is HARD. It just is. Coming up with engaging content, shooting and writing that content, building a social media following that's engaging and real....it's not just pretty photos on Instagram. And I've found, like with anything else, if you're in it ONLY for the money and the fame, you usually won't last as long as someone with genuine intentions. So check yourself, then decide to start a blog.

2. Pick A Name and Set Up Your Site
This too is hard, at least it was for me. When I first set out to name my online space I kept coming up with crappy cliche names that I quickly tossed in my "no" pile. I finally gave up the charade and literally stumbled upon this quote:

"She's a mess of gorgeous chaos...you can see it in her eyes..."

And I was like....yup. This is it. Not only did that quote describe my life at the inception of this blog, but it was a description of my personality since birth. I wanted to create this place where I could share and celebrate life; the beautiful moments and the chaotic highs and lows while I learned to make the most of the in between.

But you can honestly name your blog whatever you want, it is after all a reflection of you.

4. Engagement Is King
One of the best things to come out of this blog is all of the friends I've made along the way from all across this country. The community is such a beautiful thing if you dive into it and genuinely interact with everyone. Plus if you're goal is to one day work with brands on campaigns, engagement is king. Especially in a day and age when any Joe shmoe can buy followers on the internet for $20. So be a friend and make some friends!

5. Have Fun
When it's all said and done, the reason I keep coming back to this thing is because I love it. Even if 10 people read My Gorgeous Chaos it is MINE. And it continues to bring me so much joy. Stress sometimes too haha but mostly joy, and that is my why. I want the joy that I feel writing and sharing everyday to inspire you to do something gorgeous in your own life.

As always friends make sure you join me on the gram! FOLLOW ME HERE and I'll see you tomorrow.


15 Blanket Scarfs Under $25

I have a legit scarf box ya'll. It's this old UGG boot box that I separated and turned into the home for all of my neck accessories and every year when I pull it out from under my bed it feels like Christmas morning.  And I don't know what the weather is like in your city but it's already starting to feel like fall here in Kentucky. It's subtle, but the air is crisper...different...and I am here for all of it.

So to celebrate the turn of the season I've rounded up 15 blanket scarfs under $25 for you to shop! Trust me when I say you're gonna want to stock up now while you can! Happy shopping ladies!

Also, come join MY INSTAGRAM PARTY for more on all things fashion and lifestyle! I'd love to meet ya!


September 11, 2017

My Top 3 College Memories + Tailgate Outfit Inspo

I took undergrad for granted. To be honest, I think we all do a little while we're in the moment. But now as I head into the 4th year since I left the University of Kentucky I realize just how much I miss it all....the nights I stayed past midnight in Willy T "studying", late night runs to Qdoba, lunches in the student center, Greek activities, the free food, the parties....I could seriously go on forever.

So in the midst of all those little memories, share with ya'll my top 3 favorite college memories.

But first, I've got to talk about this bomb AF crop top! As an ex Victoria's Secret Angel/Full Time Sales Specialist, I am always finding the cutest tailgate clothes from their collegiate collaboration with the university. This one caught my eye because it was crop and it was different than my normal University of Kentucky shirts. The bleached effect on the black fabric is so cool to me plus its super comfy and comes down long enough to cover the boobs which is a huge plus. All outfit details are below for y'all just in case you want to shop.

Now for the memories....

1. Traveling Abroad
I have always had wanderlust and in college that feeling was only magnified. My international exploration began when I spent a month in Berlin, Germany the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. Being immersed in another language, being forced to adapt and navigate through the subway systems, trying new cuisine and meeting new friends...it opened my eyes to the world and I couldn't give enough. I also did this crazy, ballsy thing while I was in Germany and recorded a song in a studio; total life changing moment!

I also spent two weeks in London my senior year and fell absolutely in love with EVERYTHING about the city. The history, archetecture and food are all reason why I have to get back across the pond within the next two years. If we're being honest though, my biggest regret of my undergraduate career was not spending an entire semester abroad. I was too scared of what I would miss while I was gone. Spoiler alert: I would have missed nothing haha. So if you're reading this and have the opportunity to travel abroad in college DO IT! Do it and pack your friend Morgan in your suitcase.

2. Becoming an AKA
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know where or who I would be without Alpha Kappa Alpha. I use to roll my eyes at girls that swore up and down how their sororities "changed" them and doubted the true closeness of the relationships between sisters but let me tell you, that shit is the TRUTH. AKA has made me braver, more confident, more patient and has increased my capabilities of loving and growing with a group of people over a period of time. When I look back on all of the memories I have with my sisters and how much we've been through over the past (almost) 5 years it's hard to believe I've only known them that long! We just....click in our own unique way and I ALWAYS know it's gonna be a good time when we get together.

3. University of Kentucky Athletics
Even though I mostly watch football for the beer and the buffalo chicken dip, it's hard to go to a big, SEC university like UK and not get sucked into all things basketball and football. Extra emphasis on the basketball, especially in March. Lexington is a different place during March Madness ya'll and I loved every single second. Watching games at the downtown bars, running up to State Street after a big win, tailgating, the inevitable emotional roller coaster ride you go on during EVERY single game...I will never forget those crazy times that brought our entire campus together!

What are you favorite memories from college?

Crop Top  |  Midi Skirt (similar and similar)  |  Heels  |  Sunglasses

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