January 31, 2017

Hooded Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress: Express (sold out) | Boots: Charlotte Russe

At first I wasn't going to share this outfit because it was starting to get a little warm outside and I thought it might be too late. But I live in Kentucky, so naturally it went from 60s and sunshine to snow in less than 7 days. Heck it snowed over the weekend haha so here we are.

Sweater Dress: Sold out (similar and similar) | Boots: Charlotte Russe

The wind was super aggressive the day we shot these photos so please excuse my hair haha. Anyways....I love this hooded sweater dress because its different from anything I have in my closet right now. Usually I love myself a more form fitting dress but this is such a chill "I want to lay around and do nothin but I still want to look stylish" outfit.

It's also perfect addition to any wardrobe around this time of year, especially since our weather is so moody and unpredictable these days. At lest this way I won't get a cold if I can't keep up with the constant up's and down's. I don't know about ya'll but my momma raised me not to run and slip on flip flops just because the temperature kisses 60 in January. It never lasts haha and then you wake up with a cold so its also never worth it.

Unfortunately I can't find this exact dress online or in store anymore but I did link a few similar options for ya up top :]

Before I let ya'll go I do want to make a note that I traditionally don't post on Tuesdays. But I am working on building an audience here and I think consistent daily content is an important factor in that. So I'm going to hustle a little harder in order to make that happen for ya'll throughout the week. Having said that, if there's anything in particular you want to see here on the blog just drop me a line (email/twitter/instagram) whatever floats your boat :]

Have a great day guys!

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