January 30, 2017

My Weekend In Review: Wine Tasting at Old 502

Happy Monday friends! I hope ya'll had an amazing weekend! I know I did. It was my weekend off and if you've ever worked retail you know just how precious those two days are haha so you better believe I made the most of them. Naturally with wine and friends haha.

Now I know you're probably thinking "wine tasting and not one photo of actual wine?" yeah I know. Lets just say I've been working hard so the wine didn't last haha. But I had so much fun and even discovered a few new favorite blends. 

Old 502 has been one of my favorite local wine brands for a while now. So when I discovered this AMAZING Groupon deal advertising wine tasting for just $12 (for two people) I knew I couldn't say no. So I invited one of my friends Olivia to join me and we decided to make a day out of it. 

The Old 502 tasting room is small but I love how intimate it is. I would make a reservation before you go though because it did fill up in there rather quickly. The tasting went a little something like this....

So they give you a list of all the wines in the Old 502 family, whats they're made of, how sweet or dry they are, etc. Then you pick the 6 you want to try and they pour you up. Its so easy and fun plus you can ask the bartender any questions throughout your tasting. My personal favorites are the Shar Duh Nay for hot summer days and the Bore Dough is hands down my new favorite red. 

After you're tasting you can buy any bottle of wine that you loved or you can head next door and grab some food (and a few more drinks) at Over the 9. Which is exactly what we did haha.

Over the 9 is a bar/restaurant located in the same complex as Old 502 and Falls City Brewery (home of Louisville's first craft beer). Apparently their culinary team is amazing, a fact I learned while writing this post, so I'll be making another trip down there for sure. All we had were french fries but even those were bomb so I'd definitely recommend this place if you're in the area.

Basically I had a blast at Old 502 and if you're local I recommend grabbing this Groupon and a friend and checking them out! They also offer packages that include a tour of the winery if you're interested in that too. Now here's to getting back to reality....haha Happy Monday.


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