February 13, 2017

Getting Back On The Bike: Cycle Bar Class Review

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend! I did haha I went out for the first time in a long time so it was great to see all my friends and let my  hair down a little.

Anyways today I wanted to share my review of a cycling class that I took at Cycle Bar Louisville. So far I've been to 2 classes so I'm finally feeling like I've got the hang of how things work! Lets get right into it!

I took my first cycling class back when I was in college. I left sore, drenched in sweat, but I LOVED it. For me, cycling became that extra push when I needed to drop those last 5lbs and I continued taking classes up until I graduated in 2014 but I haven't been back sense. That's why I jumped at the chance to try out a few classes at Cycle Bar via their groupon ad.

The studio itself is beautiful. Really clean and bright in terms of decor. When you first walk in theres a check encounter with a bunch of iPads that you use to sign into your class. Theres also tons of Cycle Bar merchandise and 2 or 3 ladies around if you have any questions or need some help. After you sign in they have riding shoes for you in cubbies, which was a first for me personally, so make sure you get the right size!

Walking back towards the studio theres a counter with snacks (usually a banana and some sort of granola bar) and water, a restroom/shower area, lockers and even a pampering station as I call it complete with blowdryers and other goodies to fix your hair.

So once I put on my shoes, locked my goodies away and fill up my water bottle I went into the studio. Everyone is assigned to a specific bike number, so I found that and then asked for some help setting up my bike since it had been so long. I'm glad I did too because this was the first class I'd ever been to where your shoes actually hook to the petals.

As class was beginning I instantly loved how motivating and encouraging the instructor Erika was! I loved that she walked us through everything and really made sure everyone was having a great time. Plus her music choices were amazing and the class was fun but definitely not a cake walk haha. My body was screaming.

They also incorporated technology, which is also really nice. On the front of each bike is device that you turn on and it tracks your speed, RPMs, intensity and even calories. At the end of each class your results are emailed to you so you can keep track of how you're doing.

I love the class because I leave dripping in sweat and I know that the instructor pushed me more than I would push myself during normal cardio. Like I said they do have a groupon offering 4 classes for $39. After those 4 classes they do have a pricing structure thats a wee bit too much for this girl at the moment but we'll see. I just loved being able to try something new! I still have 2 more classes so I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted on those as well, maybe I'll even try a new instructor :]

Well thats all I've got for ya'll. Have a great day.

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