February 20, 2017

High Neck Lace Bodysuit + Girlchat

So I'm not usually a bodysuit kinda girl. But they're a trend I keep seeing everywhere so I finally decided to slip myself into one and ya'll, pleasantly surprised. Like, borderline obsessed haha.

Bodysuit: Victoria's Secret Pink  | High Waisted Jeans: Express  | Heels: Charlotte Russe

This bodysuit is actually from Victoria's Secret and I love it because the lace, see through middle has just enough....sex appeal without going overboard. Plus its so comfy and looks great on so many different body types! So don't be afraid to try it!

I decided to take this baby out on the town Saturday night so I put on my favorite high waisted jeans and these new lace up sandals! The were just $20 ya'll! Talk about a major steal! In fact, all the shoes at Charlotte Russe are $20 and today is the last day to take advantage of that amazing deal. So add in "stop by Charlotte Russe" into whatever plans you have for the day. Thank me later okay.

Oh! Let's roll back to the weekend for one second, its time for some girlchat. Have you ever gone out and instantly regretted it haha. Not because you're not with the right people or in the wrong place, but because you just weren't feeling it. That was me on Saturday. I really tried ya'll but I was just not feeling it so after a few hours of faking it, Ieventually I took my little self home. At least I looked good right haha.

Anyways I hope you guys have an amazing Monday! See you tomorrow beauties.

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