February 8, 2017

Never Too Late

I was going to share a beauty post today but decided to switch things up a little and share something that has been on my heart. Yesterday was a yucky, emotional day but so much clarity came from it so I wanted to open up to ya'll a little bit. 
For those of you that don't know, I made the tough decision to leave a job that I was unhappy with last May and moved back home to live with my parents. I hit the ground running working in retail but hit a few bumps in the road that slowed my pace to get back into the world of PR and Marketing. Needless to say I didn't see these bumps coming and even though I know that I'm not just sitting around doing nothing, more times than not I feel....an overwhelming spirit of failure. Sometimes that spirit lasts just a few seconds and I can easily shake it off. Other times it lasts for weeks and I mask it under sassiness and complaints. Its exhausting to be honest but you know how it is once you go to "that place". The thoughts just spin and spin, mine go a little something like this: 
"You're waisting so much time. You should be further along by now. You're friends have their career jobs and places of their own and you live with your parents. You're almost 25 and NONE of your stuff is together. Its going to take forever to get out of debt. What if you're miserable at your next job just like you were at the one before...." Blah blah blah.
Is that not completely out of hand? Not to mention the fact that I'm so hard on myself. I guess.....actually I know I am very driven and determined to succeed in everything that I do. I know the life that I want to create for myself but so often I let the little things stress me out and I can't help but feel stuck in this revolving door. 
So I decided to reach out to my friend Kristen to talk about it and she helped bring me back down to earth. After our phone conversation though, I found myself driven to this quote by Joel Osteen that I seriously have posted on my mirror in my bedroom because I need to read it every day. 
I declare it is not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in my heart. I have not missed my window of opportunity. God has moments of favor in my future. He is preparing me right now because He is about to release a special grace to help me accomplish that dream. This is my time. This is my moment. I receive it today. This is my declaration.

Is that not amazing? God's grace is so perfect that no matter how far I stray from the path that I think I'm suppose to be on, He can still use all of that for my good. And no matter how old I get or where life takes me, it will NEVER be too late for me to be the person He created me to be. Who knows, this might be part of His plan, so that I can learn to trust Him and show myself some grace. Like seriously Morgan sit down and chill out haha.

I do want to note that just because I'm going to try and be nicer to myself doesn't mean the hustle stops. It means that I speak hope and positivity over my life and do my share of the work knowing that God will open doors when I'm ready to walk into them. 

Anyways I just wanted to share that with ya'll because I know how it is. As women we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform and keep up and while I believe its healthy to have goals and aspirations, we've gotta show ourselves some major grace okay? :]

Ya'll have a fabulous Wednesday. I'll see you tomorrow.

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