March 27, 2017

March Madness + 5 Lessons I Learned In College

Tee: Shop Local Kentucky  |  Jeans: American Eagle  |  Shoes: Converse  |  Necklace: Calypso Boutique

There's really nothing like March Madness in Kentucky. NOTHING. As many of you know I went to the University of Kentucky for 4 years, so I've been able to experience that Kentucky crazy first hand. Needless to say I had and still continue to have countless mini heart attacks every time the cats play, but oh how I miss those simple days running around Lexington after a big win.

And even though we lost last night, I'm still super proud of my alma matter and the lessons that I learned during my 4 years in Cat country. Plus I was not going to let this outfit go to waste. So today I wanted to share this super cute and casual March Madness look and 10 lessons I learned in college (outside the classroom).

Tee: Shop Local Kentucky  |  Jeans: American Eagle  |  Shoes: Converse  |  Necklace: Calypso Boutique

1. It's completely okay to not know what you want to do with your life. That kind of self discovery takes time for some people. I know for me, I changed my major my sophomore year and never looked back but even then I would always say "I don't know what I'm doing" because I didn't. I've even had a few hiccups since graduation when it came to finding a job, but God is so faithful and it's seriously all come full circle now.

2. Take advantage of every resource around you and create your own opportunities. From joining clubs to utilizing your schools gym and academic advisers, you have SO MUCH at your finger tips when you enroll in a university. A lot of people I went to school with took little to no advantage of all of the amazing resources and struggled unnecessarily as a result. So ask questions, get involved, all the things!

3. Boys will always be there. Seriously, always haha. So don't stress over them. Self explanatory.

4. I wasn't as "together" as I thought I was. For me college was a hard fast eye opener on who I was as a person. I grew up very overprotected so having limitless freedoms kind of got the best of me and negatively affected both me and some of my relationships. Thank God for my amazing friends for helping snap me back to reality. And even those that time was hard to go through, I'm glad it happened because the strength I've been able to draw from it has been amazing in helping me get over things faster as an adult.

5. Traveling is good for the soul. I traveled abroad twice when I was at UK and they were hands down some of my favorite memories to date. So if you have any opportunity to travel abroad take them. I promise you will not regret it.

I look back on all my memories from UK with nothing but love and happiness! Some days I seriously wish I could go back and relive it all, the social parts at least. So if you're still in school don't stop pushing and enjoy every second, it goes by way too quick.

Before I leave ya'll today I want to highlight this super cute shirt from Shop Local Ky. It's so soft and comfy plus the brand as a whole seriously makes the funniest tees ever. Like this Banners Earned, Couches Burned and this Kentucky Attitude with Drake Feelings tee haha. So if you're ever in Lexington make sure you pay them a visit. I know you'll find something that you love!


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