March 8, 2017

Try Out The Trend: Off The Shoulder Top Under $20


I've gotta be honest, I love myself a good trend. Maybe its because I'm a Gemini and I love change and can't sit still haha. Or maybe I just need another excuse to buy more clothes.

Whatever the reason haha I came up with the idea of starting this series called "try out the trend" where I style and share the latest trends. Some of them I'm not 100% convinced I can pull off haha but my goal is to inspire myself, and hopefully inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and have more fun with fashion. 

I also want to try keep things as affordable as possible with this series, especially since trends come and go so you don't want to break the bank on something that's not going to be "in style" in a few months.  

Let's get started with this amazing off the shoulder top! 

Top: Forever 21  | Jeans: Express   | Shoes: Charlotte Russe   | Bag: Forever 21 (similar

I've honestly been itching to try something off the shoulder for a while now but just never found the right piece. That and our weather in Kentucky has been bananas the past few weeks so I didn't know if I should be buying jackets or flip flops so I bought nothing haha. 

But this gorgeous top is $15! So that's basically a no brainer. Plus its actually amazing quality for Forever 21. I also love that it comes in regular and plus sizes (in store and online). In general I'm a sucker for anything in a classic stripe print because it is insanely easy to dress this up or down.

For this post I styled it a little in the middle. Ya'll know I live for Express denim so these jeans were perfect and I'm still rocking these sandals from Charlotte Russe (psst they're on sale!) I'm personally obsessed with this outfit haha this top will for sure be on rotation once the weather warms up.

Anyways I hope ya'll liked todays post! What trend do you think I should try out next. I'm thinking overalls because the idea of me in them is scary haha. Drop your suggestions in the comments below. Happy hump day!

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