June 12, 2017

Life Lately

Dress: Express  |  Bag: Forever 21 (old)

Happy Monday my loves!! I know it's been a minute since you've seen me here but I went through a stage of writers block here and I felt that if I didn't have anything to say that I should take a step back until I did. So I've been enjoying life, working out, spending more time with friends and it has made such a difference! But duh I missed ya'll and now I'm ready to run my mouth again so I hope you're ready haha. Let's talk about life shall we...

Work Life
First things first, I've settled into my new "big girl job" and I'm really liking it. I know sometimes its hard to make a new transition and jump into something new, but I promise you its so worth it. I'm also very blessed to work with some pretty amazing women that inspire and push me to be better so that's always a plus!

Fitness and Food 
Since we last spoke I got a trainer to help get me ready for summer seventeen and I adore her. Her name is Lara (make sure you check out her site and her Instagram) and she's a beast who makes me do lunges even though I hate them and for that I love her. I plan on writing a post about my weight loss journey later but right now I just want to say how much fun I'm having being active again. As our friend Elle Woods once said "exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy"so in addition to the weight loss, I'm also gaining my confidence back which has been the real reward for me.

So I turn the big 2-5 exactly one week from today!! This milestone birthday is super exciting because I love a celebration and any kind of "doing the most" festivity but it's also making me kind of nervous. 25 has always been my "get your shit together" age and go figure mine is all over the place haha but I'm getting there and I'm excited to celebrate in Houston this weekend with my girls! 

Random Little Tidbits 
1. I decided it would be a good idea to start Grey's Anatomy from the beginning and ya'll my emotions!! It's so good and I'm already 5 seasons in so pray for my Netflix binging stamina!!

2. This little dress from Express is THE BEST addition to my summer wardrobe. Since I basically don't wear pants from June till August, I'm buying all the flowy dresses I can find. Make sure you grab this one before they sell out, and they will.

Anyways I hope ya'll have a great Monday! 


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