July 24, 2017

Louisville Burger Week

Hi ya'll! Happy Monday! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know I was traveling all around God's green country over the weekend! I was in Nashville Friday afternoon/evening for a fabulous Cabi Fashion show featuring their fall 2017 collection. It was SO GOOD and I can't wait to share the pieces with you. 

Then I flew to Savannah, GA so that I could venture down to my hometown of Hinesville to celebrate my grandparents 81st birthday party. It was so much fun to see all of my family and childhood friends again. For those of you that don't know, Hinesville is a super small military town and its very close knit so the southern hospitality was in full swing! And finally yesterday I flew home, drove to Louisville and worked an event for my job. Needless to say I am both  exhausted and in desperate need of another day to recuperate from my weekend but it's back to reality. 

Even though I'm writing this on cup of coffee #2, I am so excited about today's post because I get to tell ya'll all about Louisville Burger week! So here's the quick and dirty: The Kentucky Beef Council has partnered with 14 local restaurants to bring you $5 burgers from July 24th through July 30th. Yumm! You can expect gourmet burgers that are sure to fill any appetite; there's even a dessert burger ya'll!

Participants include: 
Drake’s Paddock
Drake’s St. Matthew’s
Mellow Mushroom Highlands
Mellow Mushroom St. Matthew’s
Freakin’ Unbelievable Burgers
Stout Burgers & Beers
Molly Malone's Highlands
Molly Malone’s St. Matthews
Red Herring
Sullivan’s Tap House
Set at Theater Square
Bourbon Raw
Macaron Bar 

They also printed these cool burger passports so you can get stamped each time you eat a burger throughout the week. If you get 3 stamps you become eligible for a grand prize drawing featuring a Grill and Ultimate Grill Out!

Sounds exciting right!? Make sure you check out Louisville Burger Week HERE and follow them on the Instagram for #foodporn! 


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