July 26, 2017

My Favorite People To Watch Cook On Instagram and Snapchat

image: @myleik 

For me, one of the ways I relax and unwind is by catching up with everyone on social and some of my favorite content to watch is people who cook! So I chill on my couch hungry AF watching my friends and my friends in my head make these simply but BEAUTIFUL meals. Seriously ya'll should see my screenshots after these daily secessions; nothing but food I want to eat and clothes I want to buy!

So that's what inspired this post! And even though it's super unique, I figured if I enjoyed watching people cook then maybe ya'll would too! I promise these ladies will not only inspire you to cook more meals at home but they'll low key make you wanna slide into the DMs and ask to come to dinner! Luckily I actually know some of these people in real life so its not #creepy for me to do that! Honestly though who are we kidding, I'd probably do that even if I didn't know them IRL but hey, you don't get what you don't ask for!

Anyways check out my list below and if you have people you love to watch cook too be sure to let me know so I can follow along too. Also, all images are from the corresponding profiles listed (I do not own them).

1. @myleik
So first of all if you're not following Myleik in general what are you even doing with your life!? She's AMAZING and is one of my Instagram big sisters in my head. She is the founder of CurlBox which is a monthly subscription box of natural hair products, she loves a good red wine, she's always sharing the best motivational and inspirational content and her cooking skills are flame do you hear me! FLAME!

 I met Christie when I was living in Bowling Green. Right away she was a breath of fresh air in my life; insanely smart and funny and she loves to cook. We shared many a meal at each others apartments back then; mine usually included Chinese takeout and her's usually included a Chrissy Teigen or Martha Stewart recipe. And there was always wine. Christie makes it super easy to follow along with her too which I love.

I don't think I've ever hit "follow" faster in my whole life as I did when I discovered Lindsay's page. Seriously go scroll down her feed. So. Much. Yes. I've collected a list of her recipes I need to try but its so hard to narrow down because everything looks so darn good! She also incorporates great videos onto her feed as well.


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