July 11, 2017

What's New In Beauty: FaceTory Sheet Mask Subscription

As a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I am always looking for the next and the newest. So one day I was stumbling around on Instagram and discovered FaceTory, a subscription service for Korean sheet masks. Sounds crazy right, but in a world where anything and everything can be delivered to your door why not sheet masks?!

So let me explain how this works okay, it's actually really simple. Once a month a box with either 4 or 7 sheet masks is delivered to your door (you get to pick the plan you prefer). Every box has its own theme and the masks inside are innovative and each is from a new brand which for me was super exciting. The best part, you can try 4 masks for $6 or 7 for $16; crazy right! If I went into Sephora I would probably spend almost $30 on sheet masks so for price alone I was willing to give this a whirl.
Each subscription box also comes with a theme card and a call sheet explaining what each mask does and its retail value which is super helpful!

So far ya'll, I LOVE it. Sheet masks force me to sit and relax and do something special for myself a few nights a week. Even if its for 15 minutes. I will say that if you're justing starting out I would go for the 4 masks. I know for me personally I'm going to jump down to the smaller subscription after this month. I just forget to use them and I've already pilled up a few from last month. Other than that I'm satisfied with the quality of masks and the results that I've seen using them! I'm taking pictures of my favorites and I'll share them with ya'll a little later.

If you want to try FaceTory for yourself I have a coupon for 10% off! Let me know what ya'll think okay!

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